The COVID-19 virus stealthily maneuvered into Vermont a few short weeks ago. Though we were looking out for it with a thousand-mile stare, we never saw it coming — at least not like this.


As your elected representatives, we are working closely with the General Assembly and the governor’s office to focus on the COVID-19 pandemic. It is so important to watch out for our families and our neighbors during this difficult time.


We are living through an unprecedented time. Vermont is just beginning to feel the effects of the pandemic and its overwhelming economic impacts. Fear and uncertainty are rippling throughout our state as small businesses are suddenly grappling with this new reality with which they are faced.


The world is in a turn-around. Last week I was in a grocery store hoarding hard cheese and red wine. I stopped on the way out to grab a cup of coffee. There was a homeless guy ahead of me getting a cup. “Sorry, man,” he said in a graveled voice. “They’ll cut this off next, you know,” he said…


The Vermont House worked into the evening Friday, March 13, after being told that the Legislature would adjourn for a week due to coronavirus concerns. The House took swift and affirmative action to lay the groundwork for response to the impacts of COVID-19 on our people, our businesses, and…


While the Statehouse is closed, we will be in touch with the administration and others to best protect Vermonters’ health and safety during these challenging times.

I began teaching at Harwood in the fall of 1977 and retired in the spring of 2015. I taught high school science and coached three varsity sports.

It was great to see so many of you at town meeting. Thank you for your questions and feedback. Here is Part 2 of our Town Meeting Report. Please stay in touch. You can contact us by email at or or leave a message with the Statehouse sergeant at ar…

This year, we are focusing on building a strong Vermont economy and healthy environment, protecting the needs of vulnerable Vermonters, combating climate change, and advancing policies that will enable families and communities to thrive.

We are two of the six current Harwood Union school board members who voted against bringing the proposed school budget to you, the voters, and we will vote no again as private citizens on March 3. We want to explain why.

I wanted to take some time to share my perspective as a Harwood school board member in advance of the budget vote on Town Meeting Day. While I’m tempted to address a lot of what I’ve been hearing and reading point-by-point, I think it would be more interesting and useful for me to share my p…

The Legislature is fast approaching the March 13 crossover deadline — the last day of the legislative session for a bill to pass out of one chamber (House or Senate) in order to be considered by the other chamber.

I am on the Harwood Union school board and have considered it an honor and privilege to work with many of the members of this board as well as the administration of our schools. The board members are volunteers who care about their children and the quality of education they receive. The admi…

The year 2020 is going to be a year with many votes. In fact, the only months you won’t have a chance to vote this year are April, May and December.

On town meeting day, there are two decisions facing Waterbury and Duxbury voters that will have very important implications for the future of the Harwood Union school district.

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