Town Meeting Day is Tuesday, March 3, when the people of Waterbury and Duxbury will be asked to weigh in and vote on budgets, large purchases and other town issues.

It’s also presidential primary day; balloting will take place for the Republican and Democratic nominees for president.

Here are the most notable decisions that will be made on Tuesday.


The town meeting starts at 9 a.m. in the Thatcher Brook Primary School gym.

• Voters will elect three select board members. Incumbent Chris Viens is unopposed for a three-year term. Three people are competing for two one-year terms: Katie Martin, a former news reporter; Ken Belliveau, the planning commission chair and a retired city planner; and incumbent select board member Nat Fish.

• Two people are competing for an open seat on the Harwood Union school board seat: Michael Frank, focusing on fiscal responsibility, and Kelley Hackett, focusing on communication and transparency.

• The town budget proposal totals $5,513,075, with an anticipated property tax rate of 55 cents per $100 of property value — $1,650 for a $300,000 home.

• Residents will vote on whether the town should borrow money to boost the capital fund for paving and infrastructure projects. The select board will likely ask to borrow $300,000.

• Residents will decide whether to form a committee to help the town meet milestones established in the town energy plan adopted Dec. 3, 2018. The energy plan sets goals to increase residential and commercial energy efficiency and sustainable energy production in Waterbury over the next 30 years. This plan runs parallel to the state’s goal of 90 percent renewable energy use by 2050.

The plan suggests using state-funded programs and local education to increase heating efficiency, electric car use and local renewable energy generation, and to promote energy-efficient land use through permitting and zoning.


The town meeting starts at 9 a.m. at Crossett Brook Middle School.

• Residents will elect three members of the select board. Voting is from the floor at town meeting, and candidates don’t have to declare their intentions in advance. Currently, the seats are held by Bob Magee, Kevin Garcia and Dan Schillhammer.

• The town budget proposal totals $1,397,497, and will produce a property tax rate of to 84.67 cents per $100 of property value — $2,540 on a $300,000 home. That’s a tax increase of more than 50 percent from the current rate f 54.79 cents per $100. The budget would cover a $156,611 deficit remaining from fiscal year 2019 and includes grant-driven infrastructure work that wasn’t in the current budget for fiscal year 2020.

• Residents will decide whether to establish an emergency storm damage fund with an initial deposit of $30,000. When crafting the budget proposal in December, the select board decided the fund would help mitigate unexpected expenses caused by flood damage like the town saw in April, May and November of 2019.

• Residents will decide whether to buy a pickup truck for plowing and sanding for $69,125.

• Residents will vote by ballot on whether the town will borrow $300,000 to repair the town garage, which needs roof, siding and structure work.

• On Feb. 24, the select board said it would address a new $80,000 debt at town meeting. Work on Scrabble Hill Road was supposed to be covered by a $270,000 grant, but the state disputed whether some of the work was necessary and reimbursed the town for just under $190,000, leaving the $80,000 gap.

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