Katie Martin

Katie Martin

Katie Martin has announced she’s running for the Waterbury Select Board. Three seats on the board are open in elections on Town Meeting Day March 3.

“Born and raised in Waterbury, I have spent the last 23 years growing up in the area and witnessed the changes to this town. As a young adult, I am running for a seat on the Waterbury Select Board because I want to participate in the process rather than complain, and because I want to give back to my community,” Martin said in announcing her candidacy.

She has been a reporter for the Valley Reporter, a weekly newspaper based in Waitsfield, and has attended many Harwood Union school board meetings and select board meetings in the area. She said she has learned a lot about town budgets, culvert replacement, parking and speeding concerns, and many other issues.

“The more meetings I attended as a reporter, the more I came to realize the importance of town government and the conversations and decisions that our elected and appointed officials make weekly. Attending other towns’ meetings, I saw that those my age who live in the area have no idea what was going on in our towns, really, besides what new shops and restaurants were coming in.”

She’s looking to weed out unnecessary expenses to soften the blow of one and possibly two Harwood school bonds in the near future.

“I’m looking to work towards a way we can all stay in an area, in a state we all love and call home — affordable,” Martin said.

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