Inside a nondescript building on Demeritt Place in Waterbury, a large whiteboard covers most of an office wall. Scrawled in blue, green, purple and brown markers are more than a hundred names and numbers, ranging from a couple of hundred thousand to over a billion.

Jake Burton Carpenter — the man whose name became synonymous with the evolution of snowboarding, from maligned troublemaker fringe sport, through mainstream acceptance and success, to Olympic gold — died last week from complications from a re-occurrence of cancer. He was 65.

Harwood’s seventh- and eighth-grade students will stay put for next year, but plans remain to eventually move them to Crossett Brook Middle School.

It’s been 398 years since the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Tribe shared a meal at the Plymouth Colony in November of 1621. That meal — ham, waterfowl, shellfish, berries, pumpkin and squash — is commonly thought of as the first Thanksgiving.

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Thanksgiving is a holiday of tradition. Family and friends come together and gather around the same staples every year: mashed potatoes, stuffing, a medley of veggies and, of course, the turkey.

It’s shiny and red and bigger and more robust than Waterbury’s older fire trucks, and the Waterbury Volunteer Fire Department is delighted to have it.

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On Wednesday, Oct. 30, Dudley wasn’t feeling well. With winter just over the hill, his spoiled joints were beginning to whine about cold weather and the threat of more to come. Sometime in the late afternoon, around chore time, the urge to nap seemed to be more important than anything else, …

Snow was falling on Crossett Brook Middle School Nov. 5 — bad news for a town highway garage with a weak roof — but even so, Duxbury residents refused that day to approve $300,000 to fix the garage.

Sugarbush Resort in Warren kicks off its 61st year of skiing this weekend, and its first year under ownership by a major Colorado corporation that has been buying up resorts all over the country — and, no, it’s not Vail.

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