With no budget, a room full of parents and residents looking for answers, and the deadline looming for coming up with a school construction bond, the Harwood Union school board tried last Thursday to forge a path forward.

Harwood school board members and school officials have their work cut out for them. In the coming months, they will tackle a trio of issues, each of which would be challenging on its own, but together will test the abilities and the limits of people responsible making the hard decisions.

After a turbulent town meeting, Duxbury’s new select board met Monday to figure out what’s going on with the millions of dollars in grant projects the town has on its plate, and to look at the corresponding paperwork.

After months of acrimony with district officials, parents and taxpayers unhappy with proposed changes went to the polls and defeated the proposed Harwood school budget by almost 800 votes.

Harwood won the Division 2 championship, 3-2 — its first boys hockey title since 2005 and its third ever.

Without taking a single shot, the Harwood Union High School girls basketball team became co-champions in Division 2.

Stowe firefighters use water to disperse propane being pumped out of a cracked tank on Tuesday. A car rolled over a ledge and hit the buried tank, damaging it.

Natalie MacMaster, Donnell Leahy and their children have created a show especially for Stowe Performing Arts.

Morristown artist Katerina Hrdlicka with a couple of her colorful creations at River Arts in Morrisville.

Route 100 between Morristown and Stowe has lots of great scenery, if you can see it through the dust caused by a wholesale reconstruction of the highway. The stretch of Route 100 between Stowe and Waterbury was also rebuilt in a two-year project that ended last year.

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