Total incidents: 32

Nov. 6, 11:50 a.m., police responded to a threesome — of crashed cars — on Route 116 near Riggs Road. There were no injuries.

Nov. 6, 5:54 p.m., kids do the darndest things. A young driver drove into a light post on CVU Road. The car was towed but the driver was OK.

Nov. 8, 8:34 a.m., a hungry kitty showed up at a person’s door on Lincoln Hill Road. The homeowner contacted police, concerned about the famished feline friend.

Nov. 8, 12:26 p.m., it was a bad day for one person when they realized they lost their wallet near Route 116. They called the police to see if it had been turned in — no dice.

Nov. 8, 2:32 p.m., someone called police when they saw a broken-down car on their neighbor’s lawn on Hayden Hill Road East. Turns out their neighbor was the culprit, fixing a car on their own lawn.

Nov. 8, 5:57 p.m. police were called to things that went boom in the afternoon —fireworks — on Beecher Hill Road and Route 116. But the show was over when they arrived.

Nov. 8, 6:36 p.m., Whoops! Turns out turning around on Route 116 isn’t the best plan. Police had to direct traffic along the road because of a car that had gone into a ditch while trying to turn. All’s well that ends well, a tow truck got the lodged truck out.

Nov. 8, 7:13 p.m., police helped Hinesburg Emergency Medical Services.

Nov. 9, 1:21 p.m., guess this dog’s bark was worse than its bite ... someone near Silver Street and Isham Road called police because they had been nipped by a dog, the bite did not break skin. Police turned the case over to animal control.

Nov. 10, 9:46 a.m., police followed up with a family on Boutin Road about an ongoing dog issue in which a neighbor’s dog keeps going onto their farm. The case is still active.

Nov. 10, 11:52 p.m., a theft was reported at Kinney Drugs on Route 116. The incident is under investigation.

Nov. 10, 1:57 p.m., police helped Hinesburg Emergency Medical Services.

Nov. 10, 3:00 p.m., a wallet that had been found on Route 116 was turned in to police. We know what you’re thinking — hooray for the person who reported it stolen on Nov. 8. Alas, it was not that wallet.

Nov. 11, 3:05 p.m., someone was reported screaming in the cemetery on Mechanicsville Road. Seems like ghosts can’t be ruled out, since no one was there when police showed up.

Nov. 12, 7:43 a.m., police helped Hinesburg Emergency Medical Services.

The incidents above are not a full recount of police activity, rather a highlight of some of the events that occurred.

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