Incidents: 31

June 20, 2:57 p.m., a person was ticketed for an illegal burn on Hillview Terrace. They admitted they might have burned too much cardboard and had left the fire unattended.

June 20, 3:19 p.m., a woman on Hayden Hill Road said her former boyfriend in Arkansas continues to leave messages on her phone, some sounded like he might be in the area. One morning the hood of her car was opened. Police \could not find him and said to block his number.

June 21, 8:03 a.m., police banned an intoxicated man from Lantman’s Market after he made inappropriate sexual requests and gestures from the parking lot to a woman in the store. The man fled before police arrived. The woman was unwilling to provide a statement.

June 22, 8 p.m. Christopher Moxhet, 52, of South Burlington, was stopped at Lantman’s Market and charged with driving under the influence.

June 23, 7:52 a.m., a man on Shelburne Falls Road reported a pressure washer in its shipping box, that had been sitting on the front steps for several days since it was delivered, was stolen by a UPS driver. Officials with UPS said the driver thought the package had been left there for pickup, it will be returned.

June 23, 7:16 p.m., an officer driving on Mechanicsville Road saw a truck stop in the middle of the road. Driver, Taniqua Lang, 30, of Burlington, switched places with passenger, Ian Nye, 40, of Ferrisburgh. Nye started driving and then stopped in the middle of the road, got out and ran into the woods. Lang said they were out of gas and Nye had gone into the woods to pee. The officer got some gas. When he returned, Nye still was not there. Officers and a police dog searched the woods for about two hours but never found him. Eventually, Nye called to say he’d gone to a friend’s house and was now in Ferrisburgh. Police ticketed him for abandoning his vehicle – and driving without a license.

June 23, 10:29 p.m., police went to a home on Blackberry Hill Road where a naked man asked police to shoot him. Twice, he ran toward an officer and tried to punch him, but officers handled it verbally, talking to him for about two hours. Eventually, he agreed to seek medical attention. Before officers left, he thanked them for everything they had done.

June 25, 9:35 p.m., a woman brought a fox to the Hinesburg Police Station she had found injured on Hollow Road. The fox was in bad shape and bleeding from the mouth. Chief Anthony Cambridge said he thought there was little chance the fox would survive, but they called animal rehabilitation who took the fox. Twenty-four hours later rehabilitation sent a video of the fox, doing pretty well, drinking water and eating.

June 25, 6:10 p.m., a long-standing dispute on Mead Farm Road between neighbors became physical when one neighbor waved and the other took offense. Mark Styduhar, 60, of Hinesburg, was charged with aggravated disorderly conduct.

June 25, 7:31 p.m., a neighbor heard what sounded like a crash at Silver Street and Coyote Ridge Road. When officers arrived, it looked like a driver had driven off the road and back on, knocking down a lot of trees and a sign. The rearview mirror was knocked off and there must have been some front-end damage. Officers are investigating because drivers are required to stop if they cause property damage, like knocking down a sign. Police surmise excessive speed was a factor.

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