A Straffordshire terrier accused of attacking a four-year-old boy in August has been put down, nearly a month after the Hinesburg Selectboard ordered it so.

The board, operating as the town’s animal control board, voted unanimously Sept. 1 for the dog, named Theo and owned by Alicia Marshall on North Road, to be euthanized.

After missing a couple of appointments to bring the dog to the Hinesburg Police Department, Marshall took Theo to the Chittenden County Humane Society last week.

Humane Society shelter director Chelsea Beauregard Kiessling wouldn’t say if Theo had been put down — or if his owner could come in and reclaim him. She said it was that organization’s policy never to give any information about dogs that have been brought to the shelter.

However, in a phone call Wednesday, after a long silence, town manager Todd Odit confirmed Theo was put down.

On the evening of Aug. 18, Theo attacked a 4-year-old boy as he was walking with his father and siblings. According to the police report, the father said he tried to get between his children and the angry dog, but Theo got around him and grabbed his son by the arm, dragging him almost 10 feet.

The father said Theo didn’t let go until after he put the dog in a headlock and punched him in the nose several times.

The child’s injuries were severe enough that he was treated at the hospital. At the selectboard hearing, his arm was heavily bandaged.

“It took longer than we liked but ultimately they did cooperate,” Odit said, referring to Theo’s owners.

There have been recorded 12 incidents with Theo, board member Maggie Gordon said at the hearing. There have also been incidents with other dogs owned by Marshall’s family going back to at least 2015, records show.

The town had previously ordered another of Marshall’s dogs to be put down.

After the vote to euthanize Theo was already taken, Marshall tuned in to the hearing via Zoom and said she would not have another one of her dogs put down.

“I will not murder a dog. I wouldn’t murder my son if he beat somebody up or murdered somebody. I will not kill a dog,” Marshall said.

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