A Straffordshire terrier accused of attacking a four-year-old boy in August has been put down, nearly a month after the Hinesburg Selectboard ordered it so.

Water sources near the closed Hinesburg landfill are contaminated and the town appears to be on the hook for some expensive workarounds in the short term and in the long term as it searches fo…

On the 20th anniversary of Sept. 11, Hinesburg Fire Department cadet Ethan White (pictured) and firefighter and EMT Lucy Mathews participated in climbing the equivalent of 110 flights of stair…


A $225,000 grant from the Vermont Housing and Conservation Board should plant the seed for the Vermont Land Trust and the town of Hinesburg to grow the Hinesburg Town Forest by 25 percent with the purchase of 291 acres from the Carse family.

A plan for one of Hinesburg’s largest-ever housing development projects will begin to make its way through a years-long vetting process.

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