With Christmas dashing toward us like a reindeer with presents to deliver and New Year’s Day nipping at its heels, it’s a good time to think about some resolutions, and there’s no reason to wait until 2022 to start making those good intentions real.

One way to get real as a resident in Charlotte would be to offer your services to the town by throwing your name into the hat for an appointment to a board, committee or commission.

Town officials are working to fill numerous positions so some might already be staffed, but town administrator Dean Bloch said this is his most current list of openings.

Charlotte officials are looking to fill its new development review board, which needs five inaugural members and two alternates.

If you’re not ready to make a big commitment, one of those alternate seats on the development review board, with terms that end April 30, 2022, might be a great short-term way to stick your toe into the water of the construction and development application process and see if it suits you.

There are two seats on the new development review board with terms that end April 30, 2023, and two with terms that end April 30, 2024.

If you are good to go for the long haul on this new board, one seat has a term set to expire April 30, 2025.

If you’d like to be involved with growth in Charlotte and have a say in how that will go, the planning commission might be right in your wheelhouse. Particularly now that the zoning board is being disbanded, the planning commission will be able to focus on planning and updating Charlotte’s land-use regulations. With the resignation of long-time planning commission member and chair Peter Joslin, there’s an opening with a term that ends April 30, 2024.

Other town openings include two seats on the energy committee, a seat on the trails committee and a seat on the conservation commission.

Three elected positions up for grabs that would probably take a minimum of campaigning are a seat on the board of auditors and two seats on the trustees of public funds.

Bloch said if you have an interest in serving Charlotte in any of these capacities, to send him a short statement explaining your interest and relevant background experiences at dean@townofcharlotte.com. If you have questions, email, call 802-425-3071, ext. 5, or stop by town hall.

If you are looking for a paying job, Charlotte is also looking for a director for its senior center.

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