Charlotte is staring down a hefty price for a new town garage — close to $4 million — a surprise for officials who had expected to pay half as much.

Charlotte is in the process of working out a new memorandum of agreement with the Charlotte Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service, the first time the agreement would be updated since January 2019.

Town officials in Charlotte have settled on a new location for a town garage, beginning the process of replacing the Lewis Excavating building that was lost in a fire last year.

The Charlotte selectboard Monday voted to facilitate a conversation between two groups over an issue that has loomed for decades — noise complaints emanating from the Laberge Shooting Range.

The $500,000 historical preservation grant secured through the 2022 Omnibus Appropriations Bill will support the return of award-winning architect Zena Howard to Clemmons Family Farm in Charlotte.

Charlotte Town Hall was busy and moving on town meeting day, as this cold and cloudy Tuesday didn’t keep voters away from the polls or speaking up about Charlotte town issues.

Not quite two months into his tenure as chair of the newly formed Charlotte Development Review Board, Lane Morrison has resigned.


His intelligence and curiosity were unmatched, even though he never finished middle school. He was famous for his greenhouse full of richly colored roses, yet he was color blind.

Charlotte has decided to use its first allocation of American Rescue Plan Act funds to get fiber broadband service to about 220 homes in the northeastern corner of town.

All voting in Charlotte will be by Australian ballot this year — again. Because of the rise in COVID-19 cases due to the Omicron variant, Town Meeting Day on March 1 will be much like it was last year, with no issues decided by voice vote from the floor.

Dreams of the Charlotte Family Health Center locating in Charlotte are not only merely dead, but they are really most sincerely dead.

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