The next Charlotte Senior Center Wednesday lecture is “Live Free or Die in China” with Tao Sun, On Thursday, May 13.

On certain afternoons, if I time it just right, I may spot a brown creeper (Certhia americana) on the trunk of a tree in my front yard. Moving stealthily, almost imperceptibly up the tree, the brown creeper hunts for food amongst the bark.

On sunny, warm days, house flies hatch and buzz around homes and offices. These flies complete aerobatic stunts that easily evade human efforts at swatting or shooing. That aerial agility, so frustrating to the would-be swatters, is thanks to…

Green Up bags are available at the Hinesburg Town Hall or Carpenter Carse Library, and don’t forget to sign up for a route on Signup Genius —, or sign up on the town’s website.

After the recent appearance of second winter — or third, or fourth, who’s counting? — these blooms are a welcome change.

On Friday, April 16, the Champlain Valley School Board voted to hire Rene Sanchez as its next superintendent.

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