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Your local guide to the global outbreak.

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Harbor Place motel in Shelburne will open its rooms as isolation space for homeless individuals exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms. The measure is intended to decrease the spread of the virus in the community for the welfare of all Vermonters, according to Sen. Tim Ashe (D/P-Burlington).

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I spent part of one morning practicing self-isolation in Van Gogh’s bedroom.

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For a school system that was already pretty wired digitally, things have amped up even more in the Champlain Valley School District with the shift to remote learning in the age of COVID-19.

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Communities around the region have been reminding residents to flush only toilet paper into septic systems. Even “flushable” wipes aren’t truly flushable and can wreak havoc on wastewater systems.

The March 9 Charlotte selectboard meeting provided a smorgasboard of informational updates. New board members, a COVID-19 update and more were discussed as the lingering daylight illuminated the meeting room.

Whether or not to create an ambulance service of its own was arguably the most noteworthy issue considered by Hinesburg at Town Meeting. But the voice vote on Monday night has by no means settled the matter.

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Driving across the mostly dry and largely treeless landscape of Bukhara, Uzbekistan, and chatting with a talkative driver, Allan Miller realiz…

For most Vermonters, neighboring New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation presidential primary brings the challenge of enduring seemingly endless campaign commercials. For Greg and Amy Tatro, it offered something more: The chance to take a selfie with a potential future commander in chief.


Here’s a sampling of the wide variety of camping experiences available nearby this summer.

As she walked into Burlington’s Fletcher Free Library on an overcast day, JC Wayne’s presenc…

The ongoing pressure of being a parent is hard. It is super hard. The choices we as parents and caregivers make now will have an impact on the…

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The ubiquitous news regarding the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to pervade our consciousness. The Vermont Department of Health, Vermo…

I write to respond and expand upon the recent Letter to the Editor, “Lake Iroquois Improvements”, from Daniel Sharp. With one exception, I agr…

Kittens. This is an experiment to see how many people really care about kittens.

Occasionally, when I am with a client working diligently to lose weight, there comes a time when the scale stops moving just a pound or two be…

Watching the negotiations of school boards – and other local government boards and commissions – but particularly school boards, I’ve often fo…