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The annual count of Chittenden County residents living on the streets or in shelters has increased from last year, reflecting a five-year high as the state’s scarcity of housing options continues to leave many without options.

Construction continues along U.S. 7 (Shelburne Road, Shelburne Street, South Willard Street) to the intersection with U.S. 2 and Alt. U.S. 7 (North/South Winooski Ave, St. Paul Street) to the intersection with Riverside Avenue.

Charlotte’s just-approved cannabis land use regulations are back to the drafting table after the Legislature updated the state’s cannabis rules to exempt all outdoor grow operations from municipal permitting in the same way as agriculture.

RISE, a new summit hosted by the University of Vermont that brings research, innovation, sustainability and entrepreneurship together to address pressing problems that communities around the country face, will be held at the university’s Davis Center on Wednesday, June 21, 8:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.

Head out Lake Road and across the bicycle-friendly Champlain Bridge. The 43-mile route stops at Crown Point while the 55-mile route makes a loop on the New York side through Port Henry.

The Chaine du Vermont presents Bastille Day Fête to benefit three area food shelves on July 13, 5-9 p.m. at the Wheeler Homestead at Common Roots, 1100 Dorset St., South Burlington.

Friends of the Carpenter-Carse Library are once again accepting donations for its library book sale on July 3 and 4th at St. Jude on Route 116. The Friends are also looking for volunteers to help set up and run the sale.

Richmond Farmers’ Market opens June 2 with a combination of a lot of new vendors and some returning crowd favorites. The market, on Volunteer’s Green, runs every Friday through Oct. 13 from 3-6:30 p.m.

Today, June 8, is National Best Friend Day according to, well, no one. Even the Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post is stumped as to its origins. After much research, they decided it’s a hashtag holiday because so many people posted, forwarded and tweeted #NationalBestFriendDay on June 8 that it eventually became reality.

As a new Hinesburg resident who believes in hope through the next generation, I commend Nisha Hickock, Lexi Hall and Merrill Jacobs, students at Champlain Valley Union High School, for attending school board meetings and presenting their lived experience so truthfully and persuasively.

On May 12, the Senate and House adjourned after a productive legislative session. We provided solutions to many of Vermont’s important problems. Issues such as investing in child care, affordable housing, opioid addiction and response to climate change received significant media attention.

What a bloviated full page guest perspective in this week’s edition of The Citizen by a supposed Vermont-based writer roasting Tucker Carlson and Fox News.

In a country where over half the inhabitants don’t believe in science, the expectation that Americans will suddenly believe in the science fiction of artificial intelligence stretches the imagination, unless we consider our nebulous notion of belief and all it entails.

Wildlife advocates were excited at the prospect of two wildlife-protection bills during the 2022 legislative session: S.201, a ban on leghold traps, and S.281, a ban on coyote hounding.

On April 13, my husband and I were overjoyed to welcome a baby girl into the world. She is our first child, and this is the first time a legislator has been pregnant or given birth during the legislative session in nearly 20 years.

The abrupt dismissal of Tucker Carlson by Fox News shouldn’t be at all shocking, considering how very few employees get away with calling their bosses vile names including the C-word, which was evidently as common in the original fake newsroom as were decades of carefully concocted fabrication.

I am a human being conditioned to want extra. I’m hooked on it. Extra cream in my coffee? Extra cheese on my pizza? Extra pickles on my sandwich? Or the very apex of extra-ness, extra crispy fries? Yes, please! More, more, more. I mean, extra must be better than no extra, right?