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Hinesburg Community School will open kindergarten registration for the coming school year on Monday, Feb. 1. Champlain Valley School District is asking families to register incoming kindergarteners early this year to get more accurate enrollment numbers.

Here's how the CVU Redhawks did this week.

Alice Hyde Medical Center’s emergency department team earned geriatric accreditation through the American College of Emergency Physicians earlier this month.

Joe Biden remembers when the measure of a man was his relationship with his car and considering the president’s ride is a revered 1967 Corvette he keeps securely under wraps, why would it matter that the trunk contained a sheaf of classified documents?

Two months ago, I published a column titled “Return of the Johnstown Flood.” That was my metaphor for the flood of legislation that was certain to occur once the Democratic Party commanded a veto-proof majority in both the Vermont House and Senate. It now does, and that flood is proceeding at alarming velocity.

I now live in the land of acronyms and abbreviations. ARPA, ESSR, GOMA, EGWP, TIF, ADS, VIC, USGS. If you have some spare time, look up all those things and I’ll quiz you next time I hold a Chat with Chea gathering.

In his Jan. 19, 2023, column in the News and Citizen Jerry D’Amico claims leghold traps do “not torture or unduly harm the animal.” (“Trapping commentaries seldom right, most always distort truth.”)

Those of us who’ve descended upon Vermont for myriad reasons over the last half-century, I can safely attest, were not anticipating cold, wet and uncomfortable winters. We could have relocated to the Pacific Northwest for that.

Someone really hurt my feelings. I felt crushed, adrift in a sea of disbelief and sorrow. Yes, that sounds like an angsty episode of “The Gilmore Girls,” but surely, I can’t be the only one who suffers when disparaged.