The first time Vince and Allison Bolduc made maple syrup, they tapped a few maples around their home using hand-me-down taps, hung milk jugs from the trees and lugged the sap back to their driveway to boil it.

Lanpher Memorial Library in Hyde Park honored two community members Saturday, May 1, with its 2020 and 2021 Spirit of Community awards — Robin Aither and Cathy Geiersbach.

As the news of a new, highly contagious virus swept through the nation, changing life, it became abundantly clear that caregivers, sewers and tailors, cooks, cleaners and many others with unique skills and trades would be in-demand.

Caitlin Waddick is tired of school and most youth fundraisers, but she said she was happy to put in hours of manual labor building a tiny house to raise money for The Way of the Bard.

Georgia Grace Edwards was sitting in the attic of her childhood friend’s home the first time she ripped out the crotch of a pair of old ski pants and sewed in a zipper.

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