Lamoille Union High School students will present a unique one-act play tonight, Thursday, March 12, at an evening performance at school.

Then, during the weekend they co-host a Drama Festival, which brings six schools together to present their plays and enjoy a full day of the celebration of theater.

Lamoille’s play, called “Heubner the Reluctant,” is amazing, according to veteran director Jack von Behren. “As soon as I read this script, I knew I wanted to produce it at Lamoille … and that it would be a lot more work than the average play … and that it would cost more to produce.”

The students were also solidly behind this choice once they had read the play, and they have put in many hours to bring it to life.

The play revolves around Heubner, a starving beggar in medieval times. He awakens from a troubling dream of war and destruction to find part of his dream has followed him into wakefulness: a mysterious floating woman proclaiming, “Heubner, you are the chosen.” Against his better judgment, Heubner goes with the woman to a cave where a band of warrior women prepares to face an evil army — the Craven — who will overrun Heubner’s village and all of the land unless the women can stop them.

Heubner learns that he holds the key to their victory. Though he tries repeatedly to deny his destiny and run from his duty, he finally learns a secret about his past that reveals how he, through the gift of storytelling, can indeed be “The Chosen.”

Twenty-four students are involved in the play, which has action, humor, a bit of magic and a lesson for us all. It was written by Alan Haehnel, an award-winning Vermont playwright.

On March 14, Lamoille and BFA Fairfax are co-hosting the regional Drama Festival, which will include productions from six different schools, all lasting one hour or less. The students and directors discuss and review the plays in the course of the long day. There are also workshop classes, and many opportunities to make new friends.

The school’s plays and presentation times are BFA Fairfax: “Lafayette No. 1” at 10:15 a.m.; United Christian Academy: “The Brown Felt Hat” at 12:45; BFA St. Albans: “Twelve Angry Jurors” at 1:45; Peoples Academy: “The Boston Marathon Project” at 3:45; Stowe High School: “After Math” at 4:45; and Lamoille Union: “Heubner the Reluctant” at 7:15.

Lamoille’s play is presented at the school at 7 p.m. on Thursday March 12, with $5 tickets available at the door.

The regional festival is also at Lamoille Union, with $5 tickets for admission to one play or all day sold at the door.

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