We were walking down a wooded trail in Little River State Park in Waterbury to see some old stonework that a friend had found near her backcountry campsite. Through the brush ahead, a six-foot-tall stone wall appeared, and as we got nearer, we could see that it was a large, three-sided shape.

It wasn’t much of a problem for hunters to shoot a deer this past fall but finding a place to weigh or report their quarry — whether to obey state hunting laws or purely for bragging rights — has gotten to be a hassle.

Join Onion River Outdoors for its annual snowshoe romp at North Branch Trails Friday, Jan. 27, from 5 to 8 p.m.

One January day, my husband and I set off on a walk around our neighborhood. The temperature was a bone-chilling negative 19 degrees and although we worked to get our blood pumping, our fingers and toes eventually revolted.

Lamoille Valley Fish and Game Club holds its 5th annual primitive biathlon, which will take place Saturday, Jan. 28, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. and Sunday, Jan. 29, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. at 1158 Garfield Road in Morrisville.

Carolina wrens have gradually expanded their range northward over the past 125 years or so. Bird guides now show their core range extending from Mexico and Texas, across the Southeast and Midwest, north to Chicago and east to Boston. Birders have also reported sightings on eBird during all months of the year around northern New England.

’Tis the season for balsam fir, the fragrant evergreen that adorns our homes through the winter holidays. Its scent and long lasting needle retention make this the most popular Christmas tree and wreath species.

Nearly the entire 93-mile length of the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail is open for outdoor recreationists to traverse, save for a short stretch on the eastern edge of Lamoille County that is expected to wrap construction in a little over a month.

Each of Vermont’s tens of thousands of native species fills an ecological niche, influencing its environment and the species around it in different ways.

Michael Snyder is leaving the Statehouse and heading back into the woods, resigning at the end of the month as commissioner of the Vermont Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation.

Santa’s reindeer need fuel to pull that sleigh full of toys and one of their primary winter foods is reindeer lichen, also known as reindeer moss.

Scientists from the University of Illinois recently studied the effects of removing bats from a forest, finding that a forest without bats had three times as many insects and five times as much defoliation as a forest with bats.

While it’s easy to identify gray squirrels by sight, however, recognizing the various sounds they make is more complicated. Their vocalizations — squeaks, moans, buzzes, barks and clucks — can sound like noises made by cats, chickens, jays, catbirds, even ducks.

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