Mountainfilm on Tour is returning to Spruce Peak Performing Arts Center this winter — virtually.

A selection of environmentally-minded films will run from Thursday, Feb. 4 at noon to Sunday, Feb. 7 at noon.

These culturally rich, adventure-packed and inspiring documentary films are curated from the annual Mountainfilm festival held in Telluride, Colo., exploring themes connected to Mountainfilm’s mission of using the power of film, art and ideas to inspire audiences to create a better world.

The 10 films in the festival include:

“ADAPTATION, Ken-tucky” — Celebrates the transformation of an aquatic invader into an economic and culinary treasure, seeing it as a creative adaptation in an ever-changing world. Directed by Alizé Carrère (2019 USA / 12 minutes)

“Bear Whisperer” — Steve Searles decides to teach the bears to co-exist with the town’s residents in Mammoth Lakes, Calif. Directed by Robert Gourley (2020 USA / 5 minutes)

“Charge” — What happens when a bevy of rock-star skiers get together with a world champion drone pilot in the snowy wilds of the Canadian Rockies. Directed by Anthony Bonello, Mike Gamble (2019 Canada / 5 minutes)

“The Crown” — Will “Akuna” Robinson, who completed the Triple Crown of Hiking, now aims to inspire other people of color to get out on the trails by crushing miles and spreading good vibes. Directed by Jacob McNeill, Steve Flood (2019 USA / 4 minutes)

“Games of Survival: A Culture Preserved in Ice” — The events at the World Eskimo-Indian Olympics are both rooted in traditional Eskimo culture and pure Americana. Directed by Nicholas Natale (2019 USA / 17 minutes)

“Golden” — A raptor biologist now spends her days in Idaho’s sagebrush country studying how human impact affects golden eagles. Directed by Charles Post (2019 USA / 8 minutes)

“Here We Stand” — Conservation has long been about keeping people out of places, but with help from communities of color, the Save the Redwoods League is reimagining its role in a diverse, inclusive California. Directed by Chris Cresci (2019 USA / 11 minutes)

“River Surfer” — A wave in a river is a rapid that stays in one place, which means it can be surfed for a very long time. For Gannet Horn, riding that singular wave is an obsession. Directed by Taylor Glenn (2019 USA / 3 minutes)

“This Land” — Runner Faith Briggs represents the new school of conservationist, those whose love for public lands, diverse voices and journeys of empowerment fuel bold feats of activism. Directed by Whit Hassett, Chelsea Jolly (2019 USA / 10 minutes)

“Unfenced” — Ultra-runner Clare Gallagher hopes to bring awareness to Wilderness Study Areas being threatened by oil and gas development and share her love of the Red Desert through an immersive trail running experience. Directed by Javier Fernandez (2020 USA / 11 minutes)

Tickets are free but need to be reserved in advance at

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