“Exploring Earth,” the summer exhibition at Spruce Peak Arts Gallery, reflects on the intersection of spirituality and art, celebrating earth magic, spirit animals and plants, and transcendence.

The group exhibition features work by artists Isaias Crow, Jennifer Herrera Condry, Will Kasso Condry and Harlan Mack, along with a fifth artist to be announced.

Crow is an international muralist, writer and public speaker residing in California, Herrera Condry and Kasso Condry founded Juniper Creative Arts in Southern Vermont a family-run, community-based arts collective. Jennifer is a creative director, concept designer and visionary who facilitates creative placemaking to foster community-building, personal expression, and healing. Jennifer’s inspiration is deeply rooted in plant life.

A visionary and afro-futuristic artist known for his use of bold color and layers, Will’s work centers on using mural arts as a vehicle for community-building, activism, beautification, and healing.

Mack is known for his paintings that tell stories. He employs blacksmithing, steel fabrication, painting and oral storytelling to build an expanding, constellated narrative that invites viewers and listeners into an elaborate imaginary future timeline.

“The work on exhibit examines our connection to Mother Earth, reaching into our spirit as artists, and rituals that feed creative practice,” said curator Kelly Holt. “Exploring Earth highlights and honors artists of color, telling stories as they relate to the land as a contemplative space, plant life, spirituality, healing, creatures and our global community through painting, drawing, mixed media and video installation.”

The show runs June 21 through October, by appointment only. Contact gallery@sprucepeakarts.org or call 802-760-4634.

There will be two panel events. A virtual discussion, “The Intersection of Art and Spirituality,” will be held June 23 at 7 p.m., and a livestreamed conversation on “The Importance of Collecting Art in Celebration of Culture” will be offered in August.

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