The Stowe Youth Hockey Under-10 tier 3 team played neighboring Harwood Jan. 11 in Waterbury for the second matchup of the season. The first time these teams played in November, Harwood won 5 to 2. 

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It’s one thing to be good at snowboarding. It’s another thing to suddenly realize you’re one of the nation’s top two riders in your discipline when told you’ve qualified for a world championship.

Bjorn Westervelt, a senior at Stowe High School and a Craftsbury Outdoor Center biathlon athlete, was overall winner at the recent U.S. Biathlon Youth and Junior World Championship Trials, and was named to the Youth World Championship biathlon team.

Leo Clark of Stowe explained the work of the Friends of Stowe Jackson Arena in late December, as the alumni of Stowe High boys and girls hockey teams played annual games at Stowe Arena.

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After the devastation wrought last weekend by what everyone hopes was only the January thaw, a normal occurrence in Vermont winters, the bounce back from that unpleasantness brought by a pair of snowstorms seems to have largely restored local enthusiasm.

Here we go again with the weather pendulum. Just when things were looking up at the mountain, Mother Nature decided it was time for another thaw — not the first of the winter — and the quality of the natural conditions took a step back.

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