A fond farewell and huge thank you to Arnie Ziegel, who is stepping down from the Stowe Planning Commission after nine years of volunteering in this role. He has been a strong advocate for the healthy development of the town and the planning commission appreciates his contributions and the perspective he brought to the table.

“Whenever we meet someone when we’re traveling, and tell them we live in Stowe, the reaction is usually ‘Stowe is so beautiful, we love it there, you’re so lucky,’” said Ziegel, who always tried to prioritize protecting that essence of Stowe that garners those positive reactions.

Ziegel said he learned something from his time on the planning commission as well.

“While it is easy to say our overall goal is to keep Stowe as it is, the reality, which took a while for me to recognize, is that many of our residents also own businesses in Stowe,” he said. “They love Stowe for its beauty, recreation and lifestyle, but have also made a personal and financial investment to create a livelihood in Stowe. Planning must balance our mandate to maintain the beauty of Stowe with the flexibility for people to have successful businesses here.”

Ziegel is proud of the advances made during his tenure that have allowed residents and tourists more options to get around on foot and bicycle, especially the commission’s role in getting the sidewalk extended. “I smile when I see people using it, which is almost every time I pass by.”

Thank you, Arnie, for volunteering your time and energy, and enjoy whatever endeavors come next.


There were a record number of applicants for Ziegel’s seat, every one of whom would have been an excellent addition to the planning commission. The selectboard has appointed Hope Sullivan.

Sullivan moved to Stowe in 2017 and has quickly become deeply involved in the community. She is executive director of Spruce Peak Arts Center Foundation, sits on the Stowe Arts and Culture Committee, and is an officer of the Racial Equity Alliance of Lamoille County. She is also the parent of a preteen.

The planning commission welcomes Sullivan and her perspective to the ongoing challenges and opportunities to shape the future of Stowe.

Mila Lonetto is chair of the Stowe Planning Commission. The commission meets from 5:30-7 p.m. on the first and third Mondays of the month, currently on Zoom.

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