It was the day after Christmas 2017 with temperatures hovering at 12 degrees at noon with a stiff north wind. Vermont Public Radio personality Mark Breen in his Eye on the Sky forecast was predicting four straight days of sub-zero temperatures.

What a strange and misleading headline on last week’s Stowe Reporter. The way the headline reads, it appears that Prop 5 has already been ratified. In fact, it has not. Would not a more accurate headline have read, “Prop 5 would enshrine abortion in state constitution”?

In my capacity as Healthy Lamoille Valley’s policy and community outreach coordinator, we have spent time reviewing Act 164’s retail cannabis law, consulting with expert parties, and offering considerations and resources to municipalities based on our best understanding.

As soon as the calendar hits the autumnal equinox, Vermonters often turn their thoughts to winter — and to keeping warm. Appropriately enough, October begins the Button Up Vermont season, the statewide weatherization campaign coordinated by Efficiency Vermont.

Jen Hubbard Danahy moved to Stowe in 2009. She got to know the community through stints at local restaurants Frida’s Taqueria + Grill and Piecasso, and also through her artwork. Her oil paintings of landscapes and portraits have hung in numerous venues in Stowe and Burlington. 

Work took me away this week, to the west of Ireland and Connemara, and this trip made me realize something about home. First, a few words about my travels, but don’t worry, this is not a travelogue.


Whenever anyone asks me where I live, I answer Lamoille County. I don’t name my town, although it’s a lovely one. I want everyone to know that I come from Lamoille, a county so committed to taking care of one another that we have gotten national attention for being consistently among the most vaccinated against COVID-19. Where the schools and the health care professionals and the librarians and the human services organizations and the selectboards all pulled together to help all corners of the Lamoille Valley ride out the pandemic. I am wicked proud of how we helped one another across town lines.

Dan Rich is an engineer for a nearby hotel resort. He moved to Stowe from Las Vegas in 1997. He has a beautiful 4-year-old half Dane, half Australian shepherd named Quinn. Some of Dan’s interests include snowboarding, kayaking, motorcycles and Stowe Cider.

Joy. It’s in short supply. Or is it? These were my thoughts as I awoke last Sunday in a familiar swirl of anxiety that greets me each morning. I can’t help it; chalk it up to an unstable childhood.

Climate change is all around us and yet, at times, can be hard to see clearly. The Earth’s climate is a complex, noisy system and is influenced by many factors, including human activities. Because of this, changes in our climate can feel small, or far away, while other threats feel more imminent.

As the Vermont Climate Council readies its plans to dramatically reduce Vermont’s greenhouse gas emissions, they have embarked on a series of public engagement events to field questions from curious citizens.

Patti Rubin strongly believes in living her passions, which include adopting cats from North Country Animal League, organic gardening, hiking and snowshoeing. Stowe is lucky to have such a kind and compassionate contributor of “only good things” to our society.

Contact your local House Representatives and Senators.

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