To the Editor:

An open letter to homeowners, business owners and tenants:

The town of Stowe’s existing security and fire alarm ordinances have recently been revised. We wanted to take a moment to help you better understand them.

A majority of alarm activations are false and can easily be avoided. Continued response to false alarms by Stowe police and fire is a poor use of resources and affects the overall safety of our personnel and community. Responding to false alarms is also costly to you and the town of Stowe.

The Stowe Police and Fire Departments are committed to providing the highest quality service to our community. We realize the importance, and we support the efforts, of the property owners to protect life and property. We must balance that protection with the cost and impact on our first responders and community.

It is now a requirement that all properties served by a monitored alarm system post the 911 address in a location where the driveway serving the property meets the public right-of-way, or other such location as is appropriate to readily identify the property. Both ordinances require the numbers to be at least 3 inches in height.

It shall be a violation for any alarm system owner to fail or refuse to comply with the provision of these ordinances. A detailed schedule of fines can be found within the ordinances. The security and fire alarm ordinance can be viewed on the Stowe Public Safety website at and on the Town of Stowe website at

Take a moment to review them for any other applicable changes. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and thank you for your help in making our community a safe place to live and visit.

Donald B. Hull, Stowe police chief

Kyle Walker, Stowe fire chief

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