To the Editor:

I’ve lived in the area off and on for 30 years. I’ve watched the Kyle Walker debacle drag on with astonishment. I support the brave woman who has come forward.

But Walker’s fitness to be a public employee has nothing to do with a dispute of past events.

If you simply accept his account, he admits he repeatedly violated his oath of office and lied every time he did what he says he did as a police officer. He lied to his police chief and his fellow officers.

Every time he did what he admits he did, at the end of that shift he would have deceived his department and filed false duty reports. Every time he admits what happened, he cheated the taxpayers of Stowe who pay his salary.

If Walker had been a federal employee and this behavior was exposed, it is difficult to imagine a U.S. attorney would not have prosecuted him.

When confronted years later, Walker could have accepted responsibility and been honest about his behavior. Instead, he continued to lie, saying he only cheated the taxpayers of Stowe once. Later when confronted with evidence, he was forced to admit that he deceived the police department and town on numerous occasions.

As to the specifics of the allegations, why would anyone believe a liar who cheated his employer over a woman who has nothing to gain and much to lose?

It is extraordinary town manager Charles Safford did not fire Walker immediately as the town’s fire chief, as he was fired from serving on the Stowe Police Department. In what universe is Walker’s admission of dishonesty and deception not disqualifying? Why was Walker allowed to keep drawing a town paycheck as a fire chief even after he admitted he had lied and defrauded the town while being paid as a police officer?

What sort of liability does Stowe now face from anyone who was convicted on the testimony of a cop who admits he routinely lied as a police officer?

I’m not sure what an apology accomplishes at this point, but Walker should apologize to his survivor.

He should apologize to all the police officers who served with honor and the department he disgraced. He should apologize to the taxpayers of Stowe he deceived and cheated.

He should pay back part of his salary that he received while he admits he was not doing his job.

Stuart Stevens


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