To the Editor:

I’m still trying to make sense of Drew Clymer’s letter of Oct. 1.

In referencing the “extremism and histrionics” in today's national politics he warns that we need to “beware of those looking to create the same divisive dialogue in our town.”

What exactly is he trying to say, and is he suggesting that only one side is responsible for the discord?

By the way: I don’t agree that there is discord in our town. Instead, I believe we are merely participating in the democratic process. That’s where, you know, one has the right to put up a candidate that you feel better represents your values. The great “democratic experiment” relies upon proposing alternative views and campaigning to seek support for those views.

In his attempt to portray Rep. Scheuermann as having “support across the political spectrum” (albeit questionable) Clymer appears to suggest that we should put aside discord and blithely support her because she “works hard” (I wouldn't expect anything less!) This in spite of her having a voting record that does not square with everyone’s values. Clymer’s words are eerily close to implying that we should accept Donald Trump’s dictum that “there won't be a transfer (of power) — there’ll be a continuation.” That is what we need to be wary of.

Rick Weinstein


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