To the Editor:

I am endorsing Kitty Toll for lieutenant governor because I believe Vermont deserves the best. I’m tired of extremes, of arguments that get us nowhere. I want smart, practical people in office who can work across party lines and who care so much about our communities that they put ego aside.

Toll is that person.

She served in the Vermont Legislature for over a decade, earning the respect of colleagues on both sides of the aisle. She earned that respect by being both compassionate and practical, knowing how to get things done while never forgetting why things should be done.

Toll is a systems thinker who will help move Vermont forward toward fiscal sustainability. Balanced budgets may not sound exciting, but they are critical to the future of our state.

Recently, someone said to me: “There’s not a person in this state who knows more about the budget than Kitty Toll.” This is true.

She also knows Vermonters. She sees people in recovery, she understands that transportation and housing fuel our economy, and she has taught the children our education dollars are supporting. In short, she knows the people behind the dollars, and she knows that solutions are not simple.

Toll is a hard worker and a good listener. She is running because of her strong commitment to service. I am endorsing Toll because housing, child care and the economy are critical, and she will bring a practical, smart approach to these complex issues.

I trust her with my tax dollars, and I believe she will work hard to help other elected officials find consensus around excellent approaches to our challenges. Kitty Toll can do things right.

Emily Rosenbaum


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