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After the devastation wrought last weekend by what everyone hopes was only the January thaw, a normal occurrence in Vermont winters, the bounce back from that unpleasantness brought by a pair of snowstorms seems to have largely restored local enthusiasm.

Here we go again with the weather pendulum. Just when things were looking up at the mountain, Mother Nature decided it was time for another thaw — not the first of the winter — and the quality of the natural conditions took a step back.

Did you ever aspire to be the next Warren Miller? Or did ski movies like Warren Miller’s inspire you to film some of your skiing adventures?

What a difference a week can make when it comes to the snowpack. Just a few short days ago, Stowe’s skiers and riders were for the most part in what might be best described as survival mode: “At least it isn’t raining,” as a bit of wet glop fell from the skies,” or “Hey, it is a long way to …

We’ve all been there. You’re skiing along in control and then something happens. Maybe it’s an icy spot. Maybe it’s a bump. Or maybe you’re leaning too far inside or too far back. Maybe a snow snake bit you. Suddenly you’re out of control.

A belated happy birthday to an ultimate Retro-Skier. Klaus Obermeyer turned 100 on Dec. 2 and, yes, he still skis! Obermeyer founded the sporting goods company that bears his name and made many other contributions to skiing through the years. He came over from Austria in 1947 to be a ski ins…

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. My wife and I snuck in a couple of runs Thanksgiving morning before heading off for turkey. Speaking of turkeys, based on the abilities of the folks skiing Thanksgiving morning and where they were stopping (or lying), it would appear that the addition …

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