A couple weeks ago I solicited reader’s input on their favorite ski graphics from the Retro-Ski era. Ivan Spector remembers the Dynastar S430 with its purple and gold motif. I must admit I wasn’t familiar with that model so had to look it up. I found it dated back to the 1970s.

The final week of the season is well underway. For your scribe, the season has ended since at this moment in time, he is far south of Mansfield driving toward the launching pad for a bike trip from Titusville to Key West.

The Vermont Ski and Snowboard Museum’s current exhibit is “The Art of the Graphic” and features the work of graphic designers for skis and snowboards. It’s a beautiful exhibit worthy of an art museum. If you haven’t seen it, you have until October to check it out.

As ski trips go, this latest one appeared a bit quixotic. A drive of well over a thousand miles to go visit a ski resort in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan that promised adventure on a hill offering 900 feet of vertical.

I received several responses to my question, “Where’s Little Nell?” after last week’s deadline. Kent Mitchell knew it was Aspen. I’ve known Mitchell for 25 years and never realized he had spent time in Aspen. He was there in the 1960s and rented a room near Aspen Highlands.

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