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It is not looking too good at the moment for the 2019-20 ski season. Even in the best of moments, it was not what most would describe as a banner year.

How’s everyone handling this new reality? Even though we use the term social distancing, I believe it’s still important to find ways to maintain social contact. Our connected electronic world provides ample opportunities to do that. We participated in our first two online “gatherings” this past week and I was surprised how much fun they were.

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All the signs were there. The weather oracles that live in the cellphones spoke in whispers of the possibility. It might snow on Monday. Down south maybe as much as 6-12 inches, up north not so much — but still — one could hope.

If we compare the skiing experience from RetroSki days to today, one of the big differences is the amount of technology we see on the slopes. Tickets are scanned, runs are tracked, and then there are the ubiquitous cellphones. However, there is one aspect that remains a throwback to the old days: the trail map.

It's only 20 days into March and spring’s scheduled arrival is still more than a week away; nevertheless, it sure feels like spring around here. The miraculous Leap Year storm that hit Mansfield at the end of February provided a much-needed reprieve in this winter of uncertainty. While much of Vermont and New Hampshire, to say nothing of Massachusetts and points farther south, have waited …

First, a follow up on last week’s column about Stu Campbell. After I submitted the column, I heard from Ellen and Stu Masters. They had known Stu Campbell and, in fact, the two Stus had skied together the year “Ski with the Big Boys” was published.

A week or so ago, local phones — seemingly the source of most folks’ weather information — started to indicate the possibility of a snowstorm passing through the area. Past experience and a healthy dose of skepticism concerning the accuracy of weather prognostication combined to dampen enthusiasm among most of the mountain populace.

This week’s column stems from a conversation I had a few weeks back with a Stoweite who’s lived here for a while. We were discussing ski technique and I happened to mention Stu Campbell, which provoked the response, “Who was Stu Campbell?”

The weather-crossed Stowe Derby had a great race on Sunday, with plenty of work behind the scenes.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the state of the ski resort business in the United States as documented in the book “Ski Inc. 2020.” One of my summary points was how lucky we are to have individuals and companies with deep pockets behind most of the big resorts. This week I’m going to tell the story of how one man with almost literally no money built one of the biggest ski resorts in t…

Mostly pleasant weather and good snow made for enjoyable days on the mountain as vacation week played out. It was kind of busy up there though – you will have this during President’s Week traditionally – since most of the eastern world gives kids that week off to help relieve the burdens of winter.

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