Trapp Family Lodge fire

Fire destroyed a woodshed at Trapp Family Lodge on Saturday and a second shed was also set on fire.

Investigators are looking into a pair of fires at Trapp Family Lodge over the weekend that destroyed one woodshed and nearly another.

According to Vermont State Police, no one was hurt in the fires. As of press time, they had not determined whether the fires were accidental or set on purpose.

One suspect can, however, be safely ruled out. Accused arsonist Jeffrey Nolan, arrested two weeks earlier for allegedly setting eight Stowe fires over two years, was in jail at the time of the Trapp fires.

Stowe Fire Department responded to initial reports of a fire at 7:15 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 23. When firefighters arrived, they discovered a shed used to store firewood and trash and recycling already fully engulfed in flames. The shed was on Pasture Drive in the resort’s guest house area.

While firefighters were dealing with that first shed fire, they were alerted to a second fire at another nearby woodshed. They were able to put that second fire out before it caused any damage to the structure.

On Sunday, Vermont State Police investigators conducted fire scene examinations and began their investigation, with the assistance of Stowe Police Department.

Anyone with information about these fires is asked to contact the Vermont State Police in Williston at (802) 878-7111 or contact the Vermont Arson Tip Award Program at 1-800-32-ARSON (1-800-322-7766).

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