Jeffrey Nolan

Jeffrey Nolan

The man who police say told them he started eight Stowe fires in the past two years, causing $1.5 million in damage, pleaded not guilty last week to eight counts of arson and was released back into the community.

Jeffrey Nolan, 62, of Stowe, was arrested Tuesday, Jan. 12, five days after police say he was caught on surveillance camera setting fire to the Stowe Cable Systems building on Thomas Lane. It was the second time the building had been hit, and Nolan told police after questioning that he had previously set it afire in August, as well as half a dozen other fires dating back to March 2019.

In the somewhat grainy Stowe Cable security camera footage, Jeffrey Nolan appears to walk away from the fire at an almost casual pace, face obscured by a mask and a hood. 

Twin blazes

Two fires broke out in Stowe late Saturday night, March 30, 2019, one destroying a building on South Main Street that housed five businesses and storage for a nonprofit. The other did minor damage to a window at the Stowe Free Library and Helen Day Art Center building on Pond Street. 

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How could this judge possibly allow this confessed arsonists back into the community? Because of COVID? It is ok if he kills someone in one of his arson sprees but not ok that he might contract Covid in jail? Really? Well I guess he promised not to have incendiary devices or drink or do drugs so we should all sleep easy tonight knowing that a confessed arsonist, who stated he doesn’t know why he does it, promised not to do it again. Judicial and legal review required.

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