Heidi Scheuermann

Heidi Scheuermann as a member of the Stowe Selectboard.

Stowe’s sole voice in the Vermont House of Representatives will not seek re-election.

“It has been my privilege and my most sincere honor to serve the people of my hometown for the last 16 years,” Rep. Heidi Scheuermann said Tuesday morning, announcing her decision to step aside. “Growing up in Stowe, I never imagined such a tremendous opportunity, and have been so grateful for the support of my friends and neighbors throughout these years.”

Scheuermann was first elected in 2006, succeeding Dick Marron, a fellow Republican — and, at the time, fellow Stowe Selectboard member — who was first appointed in 1997.

She first cut her teeth in politics working for U.S. Senator Jim Jeffords, twice. During her first stint with Jeffords, she helped draft education and disability legislation, working with Vermont educators and disability advocates to make sure Jeffords’ work was good for the state.

She later returned to Jeffords’ office to serve as his liaison to the Vermont Legislature, keeping state lawmakers up to speed with the goings on in Washington.

In between that, Scheuermann worked as a consultant with the government relations firm Capitol Strategies Group.

Scheuermann grew up in Stowe village as one of six children and attended Stowe High School, where she was a standout field hockey player. Golf is also a big part of the Scheuermann family, with her mother and sister participating at the pro level.

She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in education from St. Louis University and served three years in the Peace Corps, teaching English as a second language in Klodzko, Poland.

In her day job, Scheuermann works as a property manager for her company, Allegro Properties, operating the easy-to-recognize West Branch apartments, which offers independent living for low-income senior citizens.

Scheuermann has been something of an omnivore when it comes to her work in the House. Currently a ranking member of the House Committee on Energy and Technology, she also served in previous legislative sessions on the House General, Housing and Military Affairs Committee; the Commerce and Economic Development Committee — her longest stint, at six years; House Judiciary before that, and House Transportation when she first started in the Legislature.

Scheuermann told the Stowe Reporter in 2019 that she remembered an old newspaper story talking about her and her family’s “athletic exploits,” in which her mother said Scheuermann was the most versatile athlete in the family.

“I’ve looked fondly back at that as I’ve been assigned to various committees during my service here,” she said. “Maybe, just maybe, I am the most versatile legislator.”

Like other lawmakers with their ear to the ground in the communities they represent, Scheuermann was vocal and focused on some very Stowe-centric issues, such as boosting Vermont’s tourism industry.

She was an ardent opponent of Act 46, the school district consolidation law, and is still vocal about the forced merger between Stowe, Elmore and Morristown. Despite voters in all three towns last year deciding to allow Stowe to remain a standalone district, the town’s exodus is still an uphill battle with state bureaucracy and confusion about certain parts of Act 46.

As the part of the minority party in a staunchly Democratic and Progressive state, Scheuermann hasn’t often had to worry about a challenge from either her left or her right. She had an opponent in her first race in 2006, but no one stepped up to the plate for another 12 years.

In 2018, she survived the so-called “blue wave” that swept countless Democrats into statehouses and Congress during the mid-term elections following Donald Trump’s presidency. She prevailed again in 2020 even as Stowe had — as is now known based on U.S. Census data — increased in population by 21 percent.

Democrat Scott Weathers last week declared he was running for Scheuermann’s seat. At that time, it was widely believed he’d have to fight her for it.

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