The U.S. Census conducted in 2020 found that the population of Lamoille County grew by 6 percent in the last decade, rising from 24,475 in 2010 to 25,945 in the most recent head count.

This growth rate outpaced the general population growth of Vermont, which came in at nearly 3 percent, and trails only Chittenden County for population growth in the state.

Morristown, the county’s largest population center, showed only minor gains in population, gaining just over 200 residents, and growing from 5,227 in 2010 to 5,434 in 2020.

Stowe, the economic engine of the area and tourist destination, saw greater gains, growing by nearly a thousand residents, from 4,314 in 2010 to 5,223.

If that trend continues, Stowe could overtake Morristown as the Lamoille County town with the biggest population.

Other data reveals the partial source of Stowe’s population growth.

The Vermont Center for Geographic Information reported earlier this year that 2020 saw a 38 percent jump in out-of-state home buyers purchasing real estate in Stowe, up to 3,795 sales to out-of-state buyers from 2,750 in 2019.

Lamoille County has grown more diverse at its margins as well, following a nationwide and statewide trend. It went from a nearly 95 percent white population in 2010 to a 90 percent white population in 2020.

The state overall went from being approximately 94 percent white in 2010 to 89 percent white in 2020; it still ranks as one of the least diverse states in the country, ahead of only its New England neighbor Maine and West Virginia.

Vermont is an older state and Lamoille County is no exception; only the District of Columbia has a higher over-18 population. Nearly 82 percent of Vermont’s population is over 18.

Lamoille County’s over-19 population grew about 9 percent between 2010 and 2020 and its under-18 population fell by 4 percent.

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