Tree of Lights 2020 coupon

The Tree of Lights on the Stowe Village Green supports the tradition to purchase virtual lightbulbs for $1 a bulb to honor and remember loved ones and give gratitude for  blessings. Each week names and blessings will be published in the Stowe Reporter as requested.  

511 lights now brighten the Tree of Lights this week: 5 are in gratitude for the teachers at SHS; 25  in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Murray, Dinny G., Burgo, Pater, and BJAMS, given anonymously; 15 are in memory of Grahame, Orian, Geordie Hodgson, given anonymously; 100 are in gratitude for Martha Stromme and staff of Lamoille Home Health and Hospice, given anonymously; 100 are in memory of Dan Dion, given anonymously; 4 are in memory of Betsy Nelson, Marlene and Ben Haynes, and Frances Cain, given anonymously; 2 are in memory of Florence C. Menior, given by Janet and Louis Roy; 5 are in memory of Rob Davison, given anonymously; 20 are in memory of John Cunningham, given by Barbara Cunningham; 20 are in memory of Raymund and Ruth Spear and Joyce and Everett Boyce, given anonymously; 30 are in memory of Walter Snow Jr., Douglas Snow, and Joyce Boyce, given by Kay Snow; 25 are in gratitude for all of 2020 heroes given by Paul, Mer, and Bella; 25 are in memory of Elna and Harry Nelson, Henry Nelson, Joe Tichansky and Jack Morrissey; and 25 are in memory of Charlie and Vera Bevans, Pauline and Kathy Scruggs, Pat and Chris Nilsson, Gordon Campbell, and Dr. Jim Watson; given anonymously.

All proceeds collected from through Jan. 3 are divided equally between Lamoille Hospice and  Central  Vermont Hospice. St. John’s in the Mountains Episcopal Church outreach committee sponsors this ecumenical fundraiser.

Checks made out to the Tree of Lights are to be mailed using the coupon. 

Thank you for your gift.

Mail donations to: Tree of Lights, C/O General Delivery, Stowe, VT 05672.

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