Stowe High School Class of 2019

Moya Ahmad Abdel-Mawgood, Zackary Everett Allen, Sierra Lynn Anderson, Ciara A. Benfield, Jace Boerger, Clark Cassell Brown, Joshua Shane Brown, William Robert Cannon, Emma Carey, Jacob Croft Chase, Kevin T. Crawford, Victoria Duff, Paul William Dunbar, Vanessa Danielle Eliasson, Charles R. Ellis, Alison Friedrich, Zachary Riordan Fuss, Alexia Hope Goodwin, Sara Gosselin, Connor Winslow Henzel, Tanis Autumn Hoekstra, Alexandra Infante, Flynn Kearney, Peyton Douglas Keene, Katherine Anne Kerrigan, Noah James Lepikko, Ryer LeVeille, Noah Ethan Levine, Avery Marchand, Brett Matckie, Joshua Labrum McDonald, Shane McGinnis, Jazmine McLane, Alyssa Miller, Meredith Drew Miller, Jack Hayden Morris, Connor North, Hugh North, Alex Pelletier, Wesley F. Pinkham, Jake Ramos, Teagan Reeves, Nathan D. Rice, Sammis Robertson, Carolina Mackenzie Rolfe, Benjamin Salvas, Ann Marie Schafer, Samuel David Schoepke, Lindsey Jessica Singer, Chesley Smith, Ruby Stearns, Paul D.L. Velk, John Wojtaszek, Josh Ziegler.

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