Two weeks ago, the children of Kids Connection and I were so fortunate to participate in a driving float for the town’s 4th of July celebration. Especially on the heels of the past year and a half, the joy, fun and sense of celebration were all truly palpable that day.

From the immense turnout and showing of family celebration in town, to the church’s amazing Women’s Fellowship leaders having a very successful booth on the front lawn, to the unforgettable sounds of children’s laughter heard by anyone near our “convertible” float; it was a truly an amazing day. Thank you so much to Mort Butler, the UPS Store, Greg Morrill, and to all the children and families who made the 4th of July so fun, festive and joyful this year.

I would like to also mention in gratitude that the church hosted Stowe Children’s Theatre during the week of June 14 in an amazing musical theater production camp, where we worked on a highlight’s version of the smash Broadway musical “Hamilton.” It was a truly amazing week, filled so much learning, overcoming obstacles and, in the end, 22 phenomenal young ladies delivering a performance worthy of the pros. A huge thank you to Chris DeRienzo, Marylou Durrett and Butler for shepherding us and those children through camp week.

In other Christian education related news, we are thrilled to announce that we will be having an in-person Bible camp at the Stowe Community Church during the week of August 23. More information about exact times, dates and how to sign up will be forthcoming.

— Taryn Noelle, Christian education director

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