Do you ever feel discouraged? Do you regret and are humbled by something you have said or done? Do you seem far away from Jesus, the one your soul loves?

Well, it is not uncommon. Remember Peter, the bold one of Jesus’ primary three? Where was he the night Jesus needed him to pray and support him? He fell asleep and later “followed Jesus at a distance.” (Luke 22:54-60) And he denied him three times.

But afterwards, at Pentecost, the Holy Spirit came and empowered Peter and the others, and the world was changed!

When things are tough in an unfriendly environment, are you discouraged and following Jesus at a distance despite your resolve, dedication and commitment? We are all prone to drift away from Jesus into discouragement. The distractions, demands and fears of the world take their toll.

Nevertheless, as with Peter, he still loves you, forgives you and never gives up on you. He never leaves nor forsakes you. The Holy Spirit is still the awesome power of God we all need today to overcome every fear and discouragement. He is also our encourager, our helper, counselor, our strength and our shield. Ask for his help. He is listening for your voice, and he is faithful.

Sunday service is at 10:30 a.m. All are invited to join us for a fun time to meet or reconnect at our annual church picnic, July 25, immediately following service. Prayer team is standing by at 214-616-7848.

— Sherry Bell

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