GRAFTON, Vt., July 21, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- The film industry including film festivals are fiercely competitive. The average acceptance rate for most film festivals is less than 10%. Major festivals such as Cannes and Sundance will receive several thousand submissions and invite only a handful of films to participate. Dana McIntyre aka Dana Crypto with his new animated short "Welcome Home" may be about to change that. "I had an idea to create a short, animated film that would capture the human spirit and make the viewer both smile while pausing to reflect" he explained.

"Welcome Home" begins by illustrating a bond between a parent and his children with a surprise twist at the end that can be both upsetting and thought provoking. "The awards and recognition are nice," explained Mr. Crypto, as he is known professionally. "But the real reward for me is when someone walks away and is still thinking about the message the next day, that is why I created this film."

"Welcome Home" has screened at (28) festivals worldwide so far and has an acceptance rate of over 50% far outpacing the industry average. Nine of those festivals have resulted in awards ranging from Best Animated Short, Best Original Song and Best First Time Director.

The Film Festival season is just beginning and running thru the Fall and Winter. There are still over 100 additional festivals taking "Welcome Home" under consideration including some of the top tier Oscar Qualifying Festivals. "I never expected this film to compete in a Oscar qualifying festival but I didn't think it would be so widely accepted on the film festival circuit either so we will just have to wait and see," Mr. Crypto explained.

(Not to be a spoiler, the film's core message appears after the final credits role.)

"Welcome Home" is well done and well thought out. Featuring the music of musician and composer Brian Maes who wrote and performs the films' original theme song Superman as well as providing the original score for the film. "I searched for the right song and artist for well over a year and as soon as I heard Superman, I knew we had a winner," Mr. Crypto added.

"Welcome Home" was created on a budget of just $5,000 which is unheard of for even a short film that hopes to compete at any level. Studios can spend a million dollars, hire a team of animators and still have no guarantee of success. "When you have a powerful message and a small but committed group of people, that combination can change the world," Mr. Crypto concluded.

"Welcome Home" can be seen at many upcoming film festivals over the summer and fall with a general release date TBA.

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