Vermont has joined a bipartisan coalition of 37 attorneys general in suing Google for anticompetitive conduct, according to a press release from Attorney General T.J. Donovan.

The coalition alleges that Google illegally maintains its monopoly power over general search engines and related advertising markets through a series of anticompetitive exclusionary contracts and conduct.

As a result, Google has deprived consumers of competition that could lead to greater choice, innovation and better privacy protections. Google has also exploited its market position to accumulate and leverage data to the detriment of consumers, the suit charges.

“Google has become a company that Vermonters know and rely on, but their anticompetitive conduct has denied consumers the benefits of healthy marketplace competition,” said Donovan. “It is time for the legal system to take a look at Google’s marketplace dominance and illegal conduct to restore a competitive marketplace.”

The coalition’s complaint is consistent with the lawsuit filed by the U.S. Department of Justice in October 2020, which alleged that Google improperly maintains its monopoly power in general search and search advertising through the use of exclusionary agreements.

The coalition’s filing, however, asserts additional allegations and describes Google’s monopoly maintenance scheme as a multi-part effort.

A copy of the lawsuit is available

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