Vermont game wardens Asa Sargent and Sgt. Travis Buttle

Vermont game wardens Asa Sargent and Sgt. Travis Buttle receive Vermont’s Warden of the Year Awards on July 22 from Gov. Phil Scott in Montpelier. From left, Maj. Justin Stedman, Buttle, Scott, Sargent and Col. Jason Batchelder.

Two Vermont game wardens were recently recognized for exceptional performance. 

Warden Asa Sargent of Hartland received the 2019 Warden of the Year Award and Sergeant Travis Buttle of Shaftsbury received the 2020 Warden of the Year Award. 

The 2019 award was not made last year due to COVID-19 restrictions.

A game warden since 2016, Sargent received the award for his high motivation and effort, positive attitude, public outreach achievements and outstanding casework resulting in a 100 percent conviction rate as of 2019. He is a certified wilderness first responder assisting in remote search and rescue operations. 

Sgt. Buttle has been a warden in the Bennington area for 24 years and is recognized as a diligent and effective protector of Vermont’s natural resources, handling more than 300 cases in 2020. In addition, he was recognized for his public outreach achievements, courteous and responsive professional demeanor and his valued contributions in remote search and rescue operations.

In one instance Buttle responded to a call of a lost autistic boy using his knowledge of behavior and local topography to locate the individual and return him to his family. He also located a missing deer hunter who was lost on a rainy, cold November night.

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