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After a successful fall sports schedule — which saw students wear masks during practices and games, a switch to 7-vs-7 football and volleyball moved to the outdoors — the state of Vermont announced that the winter sports season would be allowed to go forward.

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The county’s only homeless shelter has served residents overnight for a few years, but staff said during a pandemic that’s not good enough — people need a safe place to stay all day, every day, to lessen the risk of spreading COVID-19.

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The coronavirus has put the Stowe Arena on ice. The municipal rink has shut its doors to recreational hockey leagues, and it’s unsure how much skating time the high school teams will get when their seasons start at the beginning of December.

A resilience survey that caused confusion at a selectboard meeting last month is now on the town’s website, ready for community members to respond.

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Winter Lights, an exhibit, expected to open Nov. 27, won’t happen this year at Shelburne Museum.

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In a non-COVID year, thousands of Vermont children live below the poverty level. With the pandemic exacerbating hardship, businesses have closed, layoffs and more have negatively impacted families’ finances.

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Lamoille County’s unemployment rate went from the among the lowest in the state to the highest during the coronavirus pandemic. In the midst of that alarming flip-flop, the county has received a $300,000 grant to help get more people back to work.

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While many segments of the local economy have suffered from the COVID pandemic, the construction industry doesn’t appear to have been socially distanced from the dollar.

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The last three months of the fiscal year that ended June 30 nearly coincided with the first three months of the pandemic. But, save for tourist-dependent Stowe, the pandemic isn’t reflected in cash register receipts around Lamoille County.

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Back in April, when the leading doctors made recommendations about how to handle COVID-19, they were sharing their best scientific guesses. By now, nearly every primary care and hospital medicine doctor in America has observed COVID-19 firsthand.

Coronavirus: Business Operations

Information about coronavirus

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Most people who get the illness will have mild flu-like symptoms. People who are elderly or have severe underlying chronic health conditions will have more serious symptoms and may need to be hospitalized.

The primary symptoms of coronavirus include a fever, cough and difficulty breathing. If you experience those symptoms, phone your doctor or health care provider. Symptoms typically begin 2-14 days after exposure to the disease.

Don’t call 911 or go directly to an emergency room unless the situation is life-threatening.

Questions about coronavirus? Need assistance? Call 211 to connect with the right people. If you cannot reach 211, call 866-652-4636.


These resources provide current updates and information on COVID-19:

Situation Summary (CDC)

Status of Coronavirus in Vermont (VT Dept. of Health)

  • What You Need to Know
  • Current Activity in Vermont (See Map)
  • What Vermont is Doing
  • Updates

Vermont State Response & Resources (Office of Gov. Phil Scott)

Guidelines on Travel in the U.S. (CDC)

Global Travel Updates (CDC)

Health Tips for Prevention (CDC)

Vermont Unemployment Benefits (VT Dept. of Labor)

COVID-19 Recovery Resource Center (VT Agency of Commerce and Community Development)

  • Resources for Business
  • Resources for Individuals
  • Resources for Communities
  • Cross State Travel (See Map)

Mortgage and Rental Assistance

Personal Economic Assistance Programs (VT Dept. for Children and Families)

Vermont COVID-19 Modeling (VT Dept. of Financial Regulation)

COVID-19 ARCHIVE: Images and Stories from Vermont

Vermont 2-1-1 Database

United Way of Lamoille County: COVID-19 Resources

World Health News

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Following a month of skyrocketing Covid-19 cases, the US has reached its highest number yet of hospitalizations due to the virus. The US surpassed 80,000 daily hospitalizations on November 19 and set new records steadily for 17 days straight until Friday, according to the COVID Tracking Proj…

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Alison Johnson, a registered nurse and director of the critical care unit at Johnson City Medical Center in Tennessee, explains the impact a pandemic makes on hospitals. She tells CNN's Boris Sanchez the mental health toll is as real as coronavirus. If you or someone you know needs help, cal…

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CNN's Chloe Melas talks with lifestyle writers and editors about how to protect your mental health during a holiday season complicated by the coronavirus pandemic.

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Kathryn, a 28-year-old ICU nurse whose take on the "How It Started ... How It's Going" meme went viral, talks to CNN's Brooke Baldwin about the toll the coronavirus pandemic has taken on health care workers.

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CNN senior medical correspondent Elizabeth Cohen breaks down the likely Covid-19 vaccine timeline following President Donald Trump's remarks that distribution could start during the first week of December.

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