Marion & Stu Baraw, Married November 2, 1963, Stowe, VT

"Firstly, it is luck. Stu and I met on my 16th birthday, and from the first date I knew he was the one and I’m pretty sure he felt the same. Sometimes I say I can’t believe I was so smart at such a young age. Understanding that no relationship is perfect but as long as you really love someone, you will work through your challenges. Having said all of that, I really think having fun and a sense of humor are the key (and a great sex life)." —Marion Baraw

Marion and Stu are owners of Mountain Associates Realtors in Stowe. Married in 1963 in the small inn his parents had just opened and named “Stoweflake.” It has since grown into the Stoweflake Mountain Resort and Spa.

Susan & William Bartlett, Married June 10, 1972, Corry, PA

"The secret to a happy marriage is a short memory. (The longer you are married, the better you understand this!)" —Susan Bartlett

Susan Bartlett was Lamoille County’s state senator for 18 years, and was elected to the Hyde Park Select Board this year.

Sue Minter & David Goodman, Married July 6, 1991, Providence, RI

"Share your passion. Laugh. Say “I’m sorry” when you screw up. Help each other to make your dreams come true. Laugh again." —Sue Minter & David Goodman

She was the Democratic nominee for governor in 2016; he’s a writer and vice chair of the Harwood Union School Board.

Melissa Volansky & Shap Smith, Married February 5, 2000, Stowe, VT

"We have no idea! My sister asked Shap at dinner tonight how long we had been married. Rather quickly he replied: 17 years, one month, and eight days. Then I added: it just seems like forever. Maybe you just need a sense of humor." —Melissa Volansky

Shap Smith and Melissa Volansky live in Morrisville; she is a physician and he is a lawyer and former speaker of the Vermont House of Representatives.

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