Autumn, 2020, North Ferrisburgh, VT

It was the way Ross ate chips and guacamole that first made Hannah think he was the one. Oh, and the fact that he could almost out-quote her when they would watch the “Lord of the Rings.” Almost.

Jokes aside, Hannah said from their first date, she never wanted it to end. “I’m still falling in love with him and that’s a really amazing thing,” she said.

Hannah and Ross married in an intimate ceremony at Starry Night Café in North Ferrisburgh last fall, officiated by close friend, Brian McVey, and surrounded by a small gathering of friends and family members.

The couple knew they wanted a small wedding and weren’t attached to traditional elements like a wedding party, shower or rehearsal dinner. Instead of bridesmaids or groomsmen, a few dear friends weathered the planning storm with them, offering support through stressful moments, wedding dress shopping “and to eat sandwiches and cheers" as they prepped for the big day, said Hannah.

“You need a support system because questions like, ‘Can I get a plus one to bring a blind date to your wedding?’ do happen and that kind of hilarity should be shared,” she added.

One of Hannah’s childhood friends, Julie Luckett, now a professional photographer, is the master behind the couple’s whimsical photographs.

Some family members had to tune in via Zoom, due to travel restrictions, which was hard on the both of them. Hannah recalled some difficult phone conversations but ultimately, she said, the pandemic seemed to reveal what really mattered to the couple. The wedding wasn’t what they expected, nor quite what they imagined — “and it was perfect,” said Hannah.

“What mattered to us was having a really great day that we’d always remember and closing it out with good food, drink and friends — all while keeping everyone safe amid the pandemic and we were able to accomplish that,” she said.

While both Ross and Hannah grew up in Vermont, attended the same high school in Hinesburg, the same college — the University of Vermont — and knew many people in common, their paths somehow kept missing each other. It wasn’t until what Hannah called, “a serendipitous series of events” that their paths finally crossed. Even then, she said, Ross had to convince her to go on a date with him.

“I think he asked me to dinner multiple times before I finally took the leap and

said yes,” she said. “The rest is pretty much history.”

The two share a love for mythology, science fiction TV, fantasy novels, outdoor adventures and eating tacos. But more than that, Hannah said, the pair solves problems together and create a “safe and caring space” from which they hope to build their life.

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