Best local musician or band

1. Seth Yacovone

2. Eames Brothers

3. Abby Sherman

Nominees: Chad Hollister, George Petit, MeatMilk, Taryn Noelle, The Shady Trees.

Ashamed to admit, after decades living in Vermont, this writer never saw Seth perform until about a year ago. Seen him six or eight times since. He plays solo, with Dead Sessions, with various other musicians. It’s never the same; it always rocks.

Best local theater/performance group

1. Stowe Theatre Guild

2. Lamoille County Players

3. TRIP Dance Co.

Nominees: Peoples Academy Stage Company, Vermont Vaudeville.

Best local artist

1. Jess Graham

2. Craig Mooney

3. Sarah-Lee Terrat

Nominees: Eric Tobin, Jess Polanshek, Karen Winslow, Lisa Beach, Natasha Bogar, Rett Sturman, Sebastian Sweatman.

The artwork of this year’s gold-getting Jess Graham can be seen not just in paintings and prints, but on doors, silos, windows, walls inside and out — even whizzing by on a truck, emblazoned on a hat, or wrapped around a koozie. Graham, a former server at The Alchemist’s brewpub in Waterbury, is the beer company’s artistic director, and her fingerprints are all over the designs in the brewery and visitor’s center in Stowe. She’s also done creative work for Cork Wine Bar, Stowe Mountain Resort, the Friends of the Green River Reservoir and the Vermont Brewers Association. Writes Graham on her website: “I hope you find my art satisfying like the crumb of a nutty wood-fired-sourdough bread, fun like dancing, exhilarating like riding bikes in the dark, transcendent like floating through knee-deep snow.” We see it!

Best local photographer

1. Jesse Schloff

2. Gordon Miller

3. C.H. Diegel

Nominees: Brookie Kaltsas, Larry Asam, Marcie Scudder, Paul Rogers, Sarah Peet, Savannah Brown, Teresa Merelman.

We’d also like to give a shoutout to the second-place finisher: Our own Gordon Miller, a Waterbury-based contract photographer whose many beautiful shots can be seen every week in our publications. Thanks, Gordon!

Ms. Stowe

1. Heidi Scheuermann

2. Diane McCarthy

3. Julia Gill

Nominees: Janet Martinez, Kathy Kneale, Morgan Nichols, Rachel Vandenberg.

What a group of talented, hard-working and giving women, all committed to the community of Stowe in their own unique ways. Heidi, re-elected to the Vermont House for the umpteenth time in 2018, is Ms. Stowe. You will see her, literally, everywhere!

Mr. Stowe

1. A very modest gentleman who declined to be recognized

1. Pete Kelly

2. Tom Jackman

3. Bobby Roberts

Nominees: AJ Shinners, Esbert Cardenas Jr., Graham Mink, Ken Strong, Willie Noyes.

Over 1,500 votes came in for Mr. Stowe. Fifty percent of voters picked one man, but he asked to be withdrawn — so popular, and so modest. So, see Page 18 for the writeup on this year’s also beloved Mr. Stowe. (Silliest response: “Jake from State Farm.”)

Ms. Waterbury

1. Sue Minter

2. Nicole Grenier

3. Kim Dixon

Nominees: Heather Smith, Lynne Mason, Rosina Wallace, Theresa Wood.

Four times the charm! Sue Minter once again outpaces an impressive group of Waterbury women.

Mr. Waterbury

1. Ari Fishman

2. Eric Warnstedt

3. Mark Frier

Nominees: Bill Minter, Darrick Pitstick, Dave Juenker, Kyle Smith.

In his Zenbarn, Ari Fishman has created a space for community. Wellness, food, music and dance, mindfulness, a community event space. As he says, “we build community from soil to soul.” Om.

Ms. Lamoille

1. Claudia Stauber

2. Kim Kaufman

3. Deb Papineau

Nominees: Rosalind Moffett, Stefanie Eichler, Tricia Follert.

Mr. Lamoille

1. Pat Keene

2. Rusty DeWees

3. Hank Glowiak

Nominees: Caleb Magoon, Dan Noyes, Dave Yacovone, Jim Curran, John Decker, Tom Moog.

Have I got a a car for you! If you don’t know Pat Keene — how could you not? — he’s the face (and one of the voices) of Lamoille Valley Ford in Hardwick — and now Lamoille County, at least for a year. Plus, he’s one of those guys you just can’t help but like.

Entrepreneur of the year — Stowe

1. Evan Chismark, Ranch Camp

2. John Decker, Stowe Public House/Fork & Gavel

3. Mark Ray, Stowe Cider

Nominees: Bronwyn Milboer and Patrick Underwood, 253 AUTO; Dan Alario, Alario Tech/Stowe To Go; Don & Rosalind Moffett, Stowe Sandwich Co.; Jessica Cameron, Pink Colony; Kate & Rick Laster, Hob Knob Inn.

Entrepreneur of the year — Waterbury

1. Nicole Grenier, Stowe Street Cafe

2. Eric Warnstedt and William McNeil, Hen of the Wood/Doc Ponds/Prohibition Pig

3. Ari, Noah & Marlena Fishman, Zenbarn

Nominees: Caleb Magoon, Waterbury Sports; Jessica Wright, Hender’s Bake Shop; Kyle & Heather Smith, The Forge; Lynn Mason and Dave Juenker, Blackback Pub; Noah Tautfest, Bicycle Express.

You may know Nicole Grenier as the owner of Stowe Street Cafe, which she opened in 2014, but she doesn’t just run a space to share art, feed families and serve coffee — she’s also the director of children, youth and family services for Washington County Mental Health, holds a master’s degree in health care administration, serves on the state advisory council for Building Bright Futures, and was a founder of Vermont Chocolate for Change, a culinary-based life skills program for at-risk youth. Talk about making the world a better (and tastier) place!

Entrepreneur of the year — Morrisville

1. Nicole Maddox, North Country Cakes

2. Jason Pacioni, Black Diamond BBQ

3. Caleb Magoon, Power Play Sports

Nominees: Hank Glowiak, Graham Mink.

“It was, like, doughnut underground over there,” Nicole Maddox told the News & Citizen this winter before she moved out of her home kitchen and into her new bakery in the old Thompson’s Flour Shop on Morrisville’s Main Street. She’d already built a following for her doughnuts — “It was super crazy. People would show up at my house every Saturday and get doughnuts there.” Now she’s bringing people in with expanded offerings: cakes, beignets, scones and other baked goods.

Volunteer of the year/Local who gives back

1. Ryan Romano

2. Darsey Moon

3. Nicole Grenier

Nominees: Gail Shinners, James Roy, Jeff Dacales, Jim Curran, Leslie Anderson, Nina Teed, Theresa Wood.


Is there anyone else we should recognize?

Suggestions came in fast and furious: Bobby Hackett; homeless shelter in Hyde Park; the late Larry and Ida Washington; yourself — thank you!; “the guy in Smugglers Notch picking up garbage every morning between 7:30 and 8:30 a.m. (that would be the one, the only Paul Sakash of Stowe); “Nathalie Rossignol is all over this community”; almost definitely (illustrates the importance of qualifiers, almost); not some guy named Dave, who is “yuck”; Patti Spence, Waterbury, volunteer of the year nominee; Carlene Cubit; Joseph Smith (THE Joseph Smith?!); Anthony Stark; Amy O’Toole; probably Steve Salminen; Kate Laster for Ms. Stowe; “Wow, page three and another to go? Are there 4393 questions?” (No, just 105 and you almost made it to the end.); Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior; Chessie and James Roy; Linda Parks, director of Waterbury Food Pantry; Becky McGovern; and Carol Schaal, Stowe Vibrancy. (Remember, folks: Push your selections during the 4393 nomination process!)

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