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Have an opinion? Send a letter. We do our best to get every opinion in the paper. The wider the variety of ideas, the better readers are served. Letters should be no more than 400 words and should be submitted by noon on the Monday before publication for the Waterbury Record, and by 5 p.m. for the Stowe Reporter and News & Citizen. Longer opinion pieces (no more than 1,200 words) will be accepted and printed at the discretion of the editors. Questions? Call 802-253-2101. Email letters (or use the form below) to news@stowereporter.com, news@waterburyrecord.com or news@newsandcitizen.com. Please include your name, address and contact email or phone so we can verify that you wrote the letter. We keep contacts confidential. The letters section in all of our newspapers is a forum for readers to respond — good, bad and ugly — to what they read in our newspapers. It is a forum for tackling pressing issues of the day, to object to or commend something we’ve reported or to take us to task for failing to report on an issue of importance. It’s the forum for readers to tell their neighbors why a new school policy is great — or unfair — or why they should vote for a particular candidate for office. We also welcome thank-you notes from community organizations to give credit to the businesses and individuals who have donated time, money and expertise to help their good cause, good works or community event. Those types of letters will be printed on our websites, free of charge, at the discretion of the editor. If you wish to print your thank-you letter in one or more of our papers, our sales team is here to help: call 802-253-2101 or email sales@stowereporter.com.

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For BOTH the December 19 and 26 issues, ads are due Thursday and Friday, December 12-13, at noon. All editorial materials are due Friday, December 13, at noon. For the January 2 issue, ads are due Thursday and Friday, December 26-27, at noon. All editorial materials are due Friday, December 27, at noon. Our offices will be closed Wednesday, December 25, and Wednesday, January 1.

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