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This page is for contacting newsroom staff, such as editors, reporters and photographers, our advertising and sales department, classifieds, business and the graphics/design team. 

(Main Phone) Stowe Reporter/Vermont Community Newspaper Group: 802-253-2101

News & Citizen: 802-888-2212


News/Obituaries/Letters/Press Releases:,

  • Greg Popa, publisher, 802-253-2101, Ext. 29
  • Jessie Forand, managing editor, 802-253-2101, Ext. 12
  • Tommy Gardner, news editor, 802-253-2101, Ext. 22
  • Scooter MacMillan, copy editor/staff writer, 802-253-2101, Ext. 11
  • Andrew Martin, staff writer, 802-253-2101, Ext. 14



  • Tonya West, office manager/advertising support, 802-253-2101, Ext. 10
  • Bryan Meszkat, sales manager, 802-253-2101, Ext. 19; 802-488-4276
  • Louis Kiernan, 802-253-2101, Ext. 23; 802-730-7601
  • Patrick Immordino, 802-253-2101, Ext. 28 
  • Irene Nuzzo, insert program/national sales, 802-760-9673


  • Leslie LaFountain, accounting, 802-253-2101, Ext. 26

Production/Graphic Design:

  • Katerina Hrdlicka, production manager, 802-253-2101, Ext. 30
  • Kristen Braley, web/designer, 802-253-2101, Ext. 33



  • Stowe Reporter, 49 School St., P.O. Box 489, Stowe, VT 05672
  • News & Citizen, 92 Lower Main St., Morrisville, VT 05661
  • Fax: 802-253-8332

The Stowe Reporter, publication number 614620, is published weekly. Postmaster: Send address changes to Stowe Reporter, P.O. Box 489, Stowe, VT 05672.


The Other Paper: 802-864-6670

Shelburne News and The Citizen: 802-985-3091


News/Obituaries/Letters/Press Releases:,,

  • Greg Popa, publisher, 802-253-2101, Ext. 29
  • Jessie Forand, managing editor, 802-985-3091
  • Scooter MacMillan, copy editor/staff writer, 802-985-3091
  • Avalon Styles-Ashley, 802-985-3091




  • Leslie LaFountain, accounting, 802-253-2101, Ext. 26

Production/Graphic Design:

  • Stephanie Manning, production manager, 802-985-3091 or 802-253-2101, Ext. 16



  • The Other Paper, Shelburne News and The Citizen, 1340 Williston Road, South Burlington, VT 05403
  • Fax: 802-864-3379

We have re-opened our newspaper office to the public in Stowe. Our South Burlington and Morrisville offices remain closed, except by appointment. Face masks are mandatory, and appropriate social distancing must be practiced, at all locations. Please email or call us with questions, news or updates; and read our local coronavirus coverage.

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