Neighbors ask drivers to slow down

Neighbors ask drivers to slow down.

By now, many in town are aware of the recent theft of yard signs on Marsett Road. These were paid for and placed by numerous families out of concern for the traffic and vehicular speeds through this densely-populated neighborhood and in the absence of needed changes. These signs were stolen in the middle of the night by an unknown person(s). This act was certainly disheartening and frustrating but has done nothing to diminish our concerns. Additional yard signs have now been purchased and have been reinstalled along Marsett. The families were happy to be informed by a Shelburne police officer that those signs appear to help in slowing traffic. These folks are part of our Village Pedestrian Safety Group (VPSG) - an ad hoc advocacy group which has been working with the town since 2016. These efforts have resulted in a variety of changes to create safer passages in the village for walkers and bikers (new crosswalks and signage, reduced speed limits, radar speed sign installations, etc.).

Noteworthy about Marsett Road. is this: 25 households live on this short, quarter-mile stretch, many of them with young children. It is used by a significant number of drivers, often as a by-pass, and cars are regularly seen speeding along it. In just one week in September 2019 (the most recent traffic count), this neighborhood street saw over 31,000 cars traversing it. We are pleased the Shelburne PD has increased ‘directed speed patrols’ on Marsett Rd. of late and to have seen drivers stopped for speeding.

The VPSG has advocated for a number of changes to Marsett Road and are pleased those changes are now going into place. They include the installation of a crosswalk at the intersection of Marsett Road and Maplewood Drive. A crosswalk at this intersection promises to slow speeds and offer a much safer connection between the many residents on or adjacent to Maplewood and the rest of the village. And secondly, the street will see the installation of a radar speed feedback sign going east bound.

We have appreciated the support of the Selectboard and other town officials in our efforts to work towards an environment that truly reflects the vision in our town plan. To quote from just one of the objectives outlined in that comprehensive document, the town seeks to: “In the Village, approach streets as valued public spaces and measure success by the degree of safety, appeal, and comfort they offer to pedestrians and how well they support social interactions and connect people to commercial and civic establishments.”

If anyone has questions about the Village Pedestrian Safety Group, please take a look at our website through Local Motion. While not recently updated, it provides helpful background information about our history and work with town and other regional officials at

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