To the Editor:

We are writing in reference to an April 14th article, “District hires new diversity director.”

The reporter could have announced the hire of the highly qualified Dr. Liliana Rodriguez and all that she brings to this long-awaited position. Instead, MacMillan centers himself by immediately creating a divisive rhetoric that paints every party in a negative light. He attempts to ensnare Dr. Rodriguez in some kind of thrill-seeking “gotcha” moment.

We are not strangers to the fraught history of this position, and we have pressed the CVSD board and administration for forward movement, transparency and inclusivity in this hiring process; however, using this hire announcement to throw mud at the CVSD board rather than highlight Rodriguez’s experience, passion and aspirations for the position is in very poor taste.

It is counterproductive to furthering equity progress in our district.

The district has reached a significant milestone with this hire, and now is the moment to uplift Rodriguez, welcome her into our community, and support her in the challenging work ahead.

Words matter all of the time, but perhaps most when they are in print. Scooter MacMillan’s choice of words here is provocative tunnel vision at best and Shelburne News can do better.

Erika Lea, Christopher Simons, Fabienne Boisvert-DeFazio, Tricia Van Vliet, Carla Martin, Andrew Cate, Sandra Bermanzohn, Katie Tyler, Josh Tyler

Shelburne Families for Equity

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