David Stewart, your letter is beautifully and intelligently written indeed. (“Columnist just spews more liberal guilt,” June 17, 2021.)

On behalf of the Shelburne-Charlotte Rotary Club, Shelburne Veterans Monument Ccommittee, and Shelburne business association, the I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to all involved in making Memorial Day 2021 such a success.

On May 25, the Shelburne Selectboard unanimously endorsed the Raise the Blade campaign. With this vote, they officially recognized the value of raising the blade on town lawnmowers to three inches and leaving the grass clippings on the lawn.

Each winter my neighborhood puts up a big neighborhood ice rink. In some ways it’s the pride of the street. We spend hours out there together skating and maintaining it.

Vermont is no stranger to the wanton waste of wildlife. Photos of coyote carcasses nailed to trees and crows killed in shooting contests with their lifeless bodies lined up for bragging rights, are easily found on Vermont social media.

The Shelburne News article about the Shelburne Shipyard designation as an historic site deserves clarification on a couple of points. There are several types of historic district designations and the terminology can be very confusing.

We are writing in reference to an April 14th article, “District hires new diversity director.” The reporter could have announced the hire of the highly qualified Dr. Liliana Rodriguez and all that she brings to this long-awaited position. 

Thank you, Shelburne News, for writing about the importance of historical societies and the efforts of local communities to encourage younger citizens to be interested in their town’s history.

A deer hunter has made me aware of a situation he encountered during the 2020 hunting season. He came upon two hunters, one older, the other perhaps a son, who had killed a mother bear and one of her three cubs.

A small group of moms from Shelburne Community School are organizing a virtual silent auction to support our local Heath family.

The Shelburne Shipyard, birthplace of the “Ticonderoga” and other lake steamships built in the 1800s, was placed on the State Register of Historic Places in 1980.

I hope everyone saw the picture of Matthew Ireland in the Shelburne News this past week.

The deer was beautiful. I first saw it out of the corner of my eye as we were both heading south on Spear Street on that heavily wooded section just south of Kwiniaska golf course.


There was an article today in the Shelburne News about parents demanding that schools are opened.

I have hesitated to wade into the recurring issue of the Bay Road underpass, but given renewed questions and concerns, feel compelled to do so.

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