Total Incidents: 107

Fire calls: 4

Rescue calls: 30

Transports: 18

June 12, 8:23 a.m., Shelburne Police investigated a theft of catalytic converters from Automaster on Shelburne Road. The investigation continues. Police say thieves can get $50-$250 for the precious metals in the converters.

June 12, 10:59 a.m., a backpack was found at a Drew Lane address. It contained an extensive set of playing cards for the game Magic: The Gathering. The owner had disappeared.

June 12, 2:50 p.m., a driver had been reported as traveling erratically. Police found the vehicle off the road with two flat tires after apparently striking a mailbox. As they were searching for the driver, they saw a man walking down the street carrying a mailbox. They didn’t charge him since he was taking responsibility for putting the mailbox back up and there was no evidence of the incident being alcohol related.

June 12, 7:55 p.m., a dispute between neighbors on Shelburne Road turned physical and one ended up with a cut. He was transported to the hospital by Shelburne Rescue. It was a he-said-he-said, alcohol-fueled situation with both men blaming the other, police said. The disagreement is under investigation.

June 12, 9:39 p.m., police went to the vicinity of Spear Street and Thomas Road to speak to a teenage skateboarder who was riding down the middle of the road. After a conversation with the officer, the teenager agreed to be more careful.

June 14, 12:33 a.m., a vehicle being driven erratically was reported on Mount Philo Road. They were unable to find the vehicle, but the South Burlington Police later spotted it heading northbound on I-89 at exit 14 at Williston Road. June 14, 11:19 a.m., a father at Pine Haven Shores Lane called police because the rear window of his daughter’s car was smashed out. Nothing was taken. The case is under investigation.

June 16, 5:15 a.m., sheep from Shelburne Farms were reported in the way on Harbor Road. They were shepherded back onto farm grounds.

June 16, 11:35 a.m., a suspicious man had been reported riding a bike into the woods on School Street while carrying a weed whacker. Police couldn’t find the bike rider … or the weed whacker.

June 16, 8:19 p.m., tools were reported stolen overnight from a vehicle in the parking lot of the Days Inn on Shelburne road.

June 17, 9:04 p.m., police went to the Shelburne Community School where someone had found a Jeep key and a garage door opener. Officers tried the keyless auto key but there were no Jeep beeps.

June 18, 9:04 a.m., a boater on Shelburne Bay reported smoke coming from the area of Clearwater Road. Shelburne Fire, Rescue and Police found a rabbit hutch on fire. The fire was put out. The hutch was empty, so no rabbits were harmed.

June 18, 10:42 p.m., police went to Harbor Road and Athletic Drive where an animal noise had been reported. They found a baby raccoon and encouraged bystanders to disperse, leaving the baby in hopes its mother would return.

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