An inoculated ash tree

An inoculated ash tree on the parade grounds in Shelburne.

Shelburne has inoculated a small number of public ash tees against the emerald ash borer.

You can find four large, inoculated ash trees on the Shelburne parade grounds and several smaller inoculated ash trees in the little park near the entrance to the town offices. In addition to the reasons below, public ash trees often are chosen for inoculation because of their historic or cultural value to towns.

Shelburne’s inoculated trees are marked with metal tags.

Inoculating trees with a systemic pesticide treatment is both an investment and a long-term commitment.

The cost of inoculating an ash tree depends on the size of the tree. The average cost could be in the $150-$550 range for the initial application, and the process requires a booster treatment every two to three years for the duration of the threat or for the life of the tree.

An arborist can provide specific details.

For homeowners, factors in deciding to preemptively inoculate an ash tree include a tree’s overall health, shape, location in the landscape design, appearance through the seasons, and whether or not a tree provides valuable shade. A healthy ash tree that is properly located in the landscape, has a nice shape, good fall color and provides summer shade has higher value. 

An ash tree that is unhealthy due to disease or insects, has poor shape or structural damage, or is in a bad location — near a power line, for example — is of lower value.

So, first, determine the value your ash trees have to you, the year-round landscape and view.

Do you want to preemptively save any of your ash trees from the threat of emerald ash borers?

Shelburne’s inoculated trees are marked with metal tags.

Kelly Murphy Moreton is a member of the Shelburne Tree Committee.

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