About 100 years ago, Vermont was three degrees cooler than it is today; 80 years from now, it’s going to be anywhere from three to 12 degrees hotter, according to David Grass, an environmental health program manager with the Vermont Department of Health.

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Apple-picking season is back in Vermont, and orchards across the state are starting to come alive with visitors — and apples.

Shelburne town officials have suggested limiting the number of motel vouchers, a critical state program that helped hundreds of people with housing during the COVID-19 pandemic.


The Vermont Emergency Rental Assistance Program, or VERAP, doled out over $130 million across the state in emergency assistance for those struggling to pay rent and utilities since the COVID-19 pandemic began, but now that program is winding down.


Vermonters will be able to receive newly approved COVID-19 vaccine booster shots designed to be a match for the BA.5 Omicron variant currently affecting most people.

The Shelburne Selectboard has asked the consulting group working on the town’s wastewater treatment project to evaluate the cost of consolidating its operations at Turtle Lane, a win for resid…

The Shelburne Planning Commission has warned a public hearing for Sept. 8, beginning what could be a long process to eliminate the town’s current zoning designation for property on the northwe…


Hundreds turned out for Shelburne Day, an annual celebration of the town that takes over the weekly Saturday farmers market on the Parade Ground in the village.

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