Except for catching COVID-19 or possibly spreading it, nothing will happen to you if you don’t wear a mask in Shelburne.

Shortly before Christmas the Champlain Housing Trust’s anticipated purchase of the Days Inn in Shelburne became official.


Lots of people showed up to debate whether the town should enact a mask requirement for indoor public spaces in Shelburne, and many of them were from out of the town.

Earlier this year, around Arbor Day, Shelburne News published an article with photos of the Shelburne Tree Committee planting trees around town. Some of the trees planted that weekend were hon…


The Shelburne Museum glows with light as part of its holiday Winter Lights festival. Museum buildings and gardens are decorated in multicolored light arrangements for the event, which runs 5-8…

Shelburne is lit up for the holidays. Around 50 people showed up for the lighting of the menorah on Nov. 30. On Dec. 3 at least 150 elves (at least they looked like elves after they put on the…


At least one town official and a state legislator are discussing whether Shelburne should reinstitute a mask mandate.

Not only does Shelburne potentially have openings in town governance, it has openings in town employment — and not just the police department.

Shelburne’s newly formed equity and diversity committee wants to hire a consultant, but the town’s selectboard first wants to know what it’ll get for its money.

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