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Plenty of backyard birdwatchers consider blue jays (Cyanocitta cristata) the villains of the avian world. Mark Twain best summarized anti-blue jay sentiment when he compared the bird’s principles to that of an ex-congressman. In Native Americ…

It’s that time of year when Leaf People mysteriously begin to pop up around the town of Shelburne. All indications seem to be that the creative cornstalk creations are inspired by the changing of the leaves, apparently attracted by the bright…

The September before my daughter was born, my husband and I went for our last pre-baby hike around Camel’s Hump. We stopped for a snack on the ridgeline, and as we sat munching granola bars we were surprised to see a monarch butterfly flap pa…

Some of my favorite children’s books describe life cycles as heroic tales of persistence and redemption. From “The Ugly Duckling” to “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” to “A Seed is Sleeping,” these stories have brought the miracles of growth and …

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The Shelburne Volunteer Fire Department helped out the U.S. Coast Guard this weekend, keeping tabs on a Lake Champlain Sailing Center benefit concert. Lee Krohn grabbed this shot while out at the lake.

Someone seems happy, spending time on Lake Champlain last weekend.

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A recent incident involving bears in Wilmington should bring to the attention of those who rent out or manage property rentals in bear country that it is important to provide information about bears to renters so they can take the necessary m…

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One summer day I lifted the black plastic top of our composter and jumped back, startled – a large snake was curled up on top of the compost. The yellow stripe down the center of its dark back and two yellow stripes along its sides identified…

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This year, the Royal Savage Yacht Club’s signature sailboat racing event, the Diamond Island Regatta, looked a bit different due to COVID-19, but then sailors seem to find ways to adjust to winds of change.

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The campaign encourages landowners in the Lake Champlain basin to raise their lawnmower blades to 3 inches, to leave clippings on the ground to decompose in place and to cut only a third of the length of the grass blades in a cutting.

The living light of bioluminescent organisms like fireflies, anglerfish and marine plankton is legendary.

Tish Orr caught a glimpse of this Monarch butterfly in the blossoms of a hydrangea tree. What are you seeing? Send your photos to jessie@shelburnenews.com.

A pair of ospreys – or a duet – which is appropriate because a group of ospreys is a called a duet. If you would like to send us a photo, just duet … er … do it.

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Last July, Rich Kelley posted a most unusual photograph to the Vermont Birding Facebook group with the caption, “Someone bit off more than he could chew.”

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