Ominous skies cloud Shelburne Bay, as seen from Burlington’s Overlook Park on Tuesday, March 17, as word of the coronavirus’ grip on the world continues to spread. As of press time, 17 positive cases had been reported in Vermont.

Sometimes it pays to be an insomniac. One frigid winter night, I climbed out of my restless bed and slipped outside to stand under a sky littered with stars and take in the complete silence of darkness.


During his run at Shelburne Farms on Sunday, March 15, Town Manager Lee Krohn got this shot of Lake Champlain. ‘It was wild with the wind, waves and ice formations … brisk run in the sun!’ he said.

During the summer, I often spy common garter snakes sunning themselves in my garden. As the snow piles up through winter, covering the landscape in cold white, I wonder where these warmth-seeking creatures have gone.

Final registration deadline for Shelburne Little League, baseball, softball and Babe Ruth is March 13. Visit for details.

On a picture-perfect winter morning last year, 20 St. Michael’s College students and I visited Vermont Fish and Wildlife scientists to go ice fishing at Knight’s Point on Lake Champlain.

On a walk one winter afternoon, I spotted two white objects darting across a snow-covered field. White on white, they were difficult to identify at first. It was a short-tailed weasel chasing a snowshoe hare.

I have always admired nature’s mutineers: animals and plants that thwart the recognized system and do their own thing. As a child I was the sole member of my own duck-billed platypus club, endeared to this creature with the bird-like bill, be…

Whenever I spy a pileated woodpecker traversing the sky, I pause to watch its weird undulating flight. The jerky rise-and-drop movement of this large woodpecker is endearingly gawky – like a mini pterodactyl visiting from the Cretaceous perio…

Champlain Valley Union High School student Tyler S. Diemer of Shelburne captured this idyllic mountain-top vista Jan. 30 while at Bolton Valley with the CVU Ski and Snowboard Club.

Late one January afternoon, my husband and I stood on the shore of a frozen pond below the summit of Camel’s Hump, admiring the view.

Last week’s storm brought snow to Shelburne, much to the delight of skiers – and walkers.

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