A tree grows in Shelburne along Lake Champlain and slowly releases its color for fall.

A youngster at Shelburne Farms drives tractor on a sunny, warm fall day.

Kids can join right after school to improve general conditioning including a focus on core, strength, agility, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness.

Shelburne town manager Lee Krohn captured the sun just as it was about to set over Shelburne Bay Monday evening while enjoying a quick paddle in the waning days of summer.

Join Vermont Audubon for a celebration of birds and the grand re-opening of its renovated education barn, Saturday, Sept. 25, 10 a.m.-3 p.m., 255 Sherman Hollow Road, Huntington.

I have often been stopped in my tracks by the sight of a white-tailed doe standing in the lush summer grass. Depending on the sun’s slant, the animal’s coat is a rich shade of rusty brown or burnt orange.

Late afternoon light and storm clouds conspire to create this stunning scene at Meach Cove Farms last weekend.

Join Kay Boyce, certified yoga instructor, for this gentle yoga class with attention to correct alignment, breath work and stretches at Shelburne town gym.

I put the small brown ant I had mounted but never identified under a microscope and peered down at it. Two huge, headlight-like eyes stared back at me. That couldn’t be right; ants don’t have eyes that size and shape.

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