Last June my wife Marie and I encountered a mature wood turtle while walking through a forest near our home. We admired the intricate topography of its shell, inspiration for this species’ scientific name: Glyptemys (“carved turtle”) insculpt…

Pond Road was looking fanstastic when Lisa Kent snagged this photo. What are you seeing around town? Share with us by emailing

Sea smoke surrounding Queneska Island on a cold and sunny morning on Shelburne Point, as seen by Bryan Jackson. Send us your photos by emailing

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Mornings are quiet now. Gone is the loud chorus of bird song outside my window that I awoke to in spring and summer. While we brave the cold, snow and bitter winds of winter by donning extra layers or throwing another log on the fire, most of…

If you are out walking on an early winter morning, you might be lucky enough to see some of nature’s most beautiful and ephemeral sights: hair ice and frost flowers, both snow-white and delicate against the dull forest floor.

“Hands On:” STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) based program for kids. Gross Science is not for the easily queasy.

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Santa made an extra stop this year, wakeboarding on Shelburne Bay to spread holiday cheer. Photo of boarder Kidder Spillane sent by Mendy Mitiguy.

As winter settles in, people watching their birdfeeders hope to catch a glimpse of something out of the ordinary – perhaps a visitor from the Far North. Nothing satisfies this desire like the bubbly and charismatic common redpoll. A member of…

One night just before Christmas last year, my youngest daughter and I opted to walk the short distance home from dinner at my parents’ house, rather than drive with the rest of the family.

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So many local shutterbugs have sent in photos of these gorgeous winged creatures — have you seen snowy owls in your neighborhood?

Rat-a-tat-tat. Showers of acorns hit the ground and tapped our heads as my husband and I hiked the Appalachian Trail. Thousands of acorns strewn across the path atop multi-colored leaves made for treacherous passage.

Somewhere under the rainbow is Shelburne Craft School. Fred Morgan captured this incredible shot of the vibrant sky last Saturday. What are you seeing? Send your photos to

I can’t seem to pass a hollow tree without stopping to snoop. If there is a cavity within reach, an investigation is in order.

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